Ancient rome republic to empire
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Ancient Rome: Republic to Empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Rome: Republic to Empire. Create 3 column Cornel Notes. Rome-An overview. Roman Republic: A system of government in Ancient Rome where individuals elect representatives from a class called the Patrician Class

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Ancient Rome: Republic to Empire

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Ancient Rome: Republic to Empire

Create 3 column Cornel Notes

Rome-An overview

  • Roman Republic: A system of government in Ancient Rome where individuals elect representatives from a class called the Patrician Class

  • Punic Wars: A series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage from 264 BC to 146 BC

  • Carthage: The ancient city that sprang from a Phoenician seaport in Northern Africa.

  • Hannibal: Famous Phoenician General-Attacked Rome, defeated them at the Battle of Cannae. Eventually Defeated at the Battle of Zama

  • Julius Caesar: Roman General who invaded the City of Rome, leading to civil war. Brought about the end of the Republic.

  • The end of the republic- 509 BCE-27 BCE.

  • The rise of the Empire-The first Emperor was Julius’ Nephew.

  • The first Emperor, Augustus Caesar was a powerful leader who ruled for over 40 years, greatly strengthening the Empire.

  • Claudius, Caligula, and Nero-Ineffective or poor emperors

  • Diocletian: Roman Emperor from 284 to 305, made great reforms to the Empire

  • Constantine: Made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire

Rome at the Time of the Republic

The Empire at its height

Roman Politics

  • Government

    • The Senate was made up of patricians, rich and powerful Romans, elected by the patrician class. Everyone could vote, but only the patricians could hold office.

    • The Consuls were the highest elected political office-they made some political decisions but were still under the emperor.

  • Political theory and Rhetoric of Rome

    • Cincinnatus and the nature of leadership: The legend of Cincinnatus influenced Roman ideas of nobility and leadership.

    • Marcus Tullius Cicero- A political philosopher

    • The 12 Tables-the constitution of Ancient Rome, developed over time.

Reflection Question

  • In what ways do you see the United States and Ancient Rome being similar? Are we in the Pax Americana?

  • After reflecting and sharing with the class, begin :Fall of the Empire” Activity.

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