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Land economy library
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Land Economy Library. Undergraduate Induction. 1. Where is the Land Economy / Mill Lane Library?. 2. When is Land Economy Library / Mill Lane Library open?. Library starts to close down from 4.30 pm. 4. How many books can you borrow, for how long & what fines are charged?.

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Land Economy Library

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Land economy library

Land Economy Library



1 where is the land economy mill lane library

1. Where is the Land Economy / Mill Lane Library?

2 when is land economy library mill lane library open

2. When is Land Economy Library / Mill Lane Library open?

Land economy library

Library starts to close down from 4.30 pm

4 how many books can you borrow for how long what fines are charged

4. How many books can you borrow, for how long & what fines are charged?

5 are there exceptions to these loan periods fine rates

5. Are there exceptions to these loan periods & fine rates? ...

Land economy library

Books not returned by 7 pm on Wednesday will accrue fines at .50 per hour per book from 9 am on Thursday ... So 5 books returned by 3 pm would be very expensive ...

3 pm


12 am


9 am


5 temporary vacation reserve collection

5. Temporary vacation Reserve Collection

Land economy library

Books are temporarily added to the Reserve Collection behind the Issue Desk. What does this mean?

  • The books stay in Cambridge

  • Available for 1 day loans

  • Can be renewed online up to 5 times

  • Can be borrowed over the library closure period

  • You are not reserving them for vacation borrowing!

6 how do i find books in the land economy library

6. How do I find books in the Land Economy Library?

Land economy library

Firstly, lots of libraries in Cambridge ...

Land economy library

  • 3 way of searching for books in these libraries ...



Land economy library

  • ‘Traditional’ catalogue / 8 separate databases

  • University Library & Dependent libraries

  • University theses catalogue

Land Economy

  • Dept. & Faculty Libraries A-E

  • Dept. & Faculty Libraries F-M

  • Dept. & Faculty Libraries O-Z

  • Colleges A-N

  • Colleges P-W

  • Affiliated institutions

Land economy library

Newton Advantages

  • Clear search results

  • Most efficient way of placing holds on books ...

Newton Disadvantages

  • Unable to search all libraries simultaneously

  • Cannot search for journal articles


Land economy library



  • Searches ALL libraries simultaneously

  • Results can be refined by location


  • Holds don’t work efficiently

  • Cannot search for journal articles


Land economy library



  • Searches ALL libraries simultaneously

  • Results can be refined by location

  • Searches within ejournals (JSTOR, ScienceDirect)

  • Searches within newspapers (via Factiva)


  • Holds don’t work efficiently


7 can i renew books

7. Can I renew books?

Land economy library

  • They are already overdue

(Library closing time : 7pm)

  • You have outstanding fines

  • They have been requested

  • You have reached your maximum renewal limit

  • They are Open Shelf vacation loan books

8 can i place holds requests on books

8. Can I place holds / requests on books?

Land economy library

  • Email / text notification when book available

  • Please cancel requests if no longer required

  • Books not kept for you indefinitely!

Land economy library

Books kept until 6.30 pm of day returned

Books kept until 12.30 pm the following day

9 am


6.30 pm

7 pm

Kept until 6.30 pm the following day

Uncollected books are returned to the shelves or kept for the next person in the queue

8 can i return books when the library is shut

8. Can I return books when the Library is shut?

Land economy library

No access when building is shut ...

7 pm deadline ...

9 what else do i need to know

9. What else do I need to know?

Land economy library

Wireless networks


  • wifi enabled laptop

  • Raven account

Eduroam – requires setup but many advantages :

  • doesn’t require frequent logins

  • eresources

  • roaming access at other institutions

Land economy library

Computer room next to Library

Land economy library

Photocopying / Laser printing / Scanning

Combined colour photocopier / scanner / laser printer

A4 B&W : 5p / 10p

A4 Colour : 25p / 50p

Scanning to email -- FREE

DS Print Utility – Mobile devices

Land economy library

Registering your University Card to use the photocopier / scanner

Swipe card against card reader

Input your PWF / Desktop Services username & password into touch sensitive screen

Swipe card against reader again – your card is now registered

Next time just swipe card

Land economy library

  • ejournal@cambridge

On / Off campus access

Wireless : Lapwing / Eduroam (setup required)



  • ebooks@cambridge

Newton / LibrarySearch

Individual publisher’s www sites

Further information ... ebooks@cambridge

Land economy library

  • ecounteritems@cambridge (CamTools)

Scanned chapters from books on reading lists

Mill Lane CamTools site

Newton / LibrarySearch


Reading lists

  • Bloomberg / Datastream

1 Bloomberg / 1 Datastream

Booking required at Issue Desk / Online via Marshall www page (where you can check availability)

Land economy library

  • Stationery for sale

  • Free comb binding

  • Seminar room

Land economy library

Library Rules ...

  • Keep noise levels low

  • Do not bring food & drink into Library

  • Do not mark library books

  • Lost books will be charged at the cost of replacement, any accumulated overdue charges, plus an administration fee

Land economy library

Finally, any problems... You can always get help by:

Emailing :

Going to the Issue Desk ...

Land economy library

Newton Catalogue

Land economy library

Newton Catalogue

Land economy library

Macroeconomics / Blanchard


Land economy library

Journal Article : “Pessimism perpetuated .. “ / Feinstein

Or an article from the FT ...

LibrarySearch +

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