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Beam splitter
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Beam Splitter. Studio camera on studio pedestal. ENG Field Camera for tripod or shoulder. DSLR CANON T2i. Connectors-- Get to know them!. Iris Adjustment determines Aperture which determines Exposure. Manipulating Depth of Field. Shallow DoF. Great DoF. White Balance!. Kelvin Scale.

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Beam Splitter

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Beam splitter

Beam Splitter

Studio camera on studio pedestal

Studio camera on studio pedestal

Eng field camera for tripod or shoulder

ENG Field Camera for tripod or shoulder

Dslr canon t2i


Connectors get to know them

Connectors-- Get to know them!

Iris adjustment determines aperture which determines exposure

Iris Adjustment determines Aperture which determines Exposure

Manipulating depth of field

Manipulating Depth of Field

Shallow dof

Shallow DoF

Great dof

Great DoF

White balance

White Balance!

Kelvin scale

Kelvin Scale

Rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds1

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds2

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds3

Rule of Thirds

Index vector

Index Vector

Index vector1

Index Vector

Graphic vector

Graphic Vector

Graphic vector1

Graphic Vector

Graphic vector2

Graphic Vector

Graphic vector3

Graphic Vector

Motion vector

Motion Vector

Motion vector1

Motion Vector

Terms to know

Terms to know

  • Field of view steps: XCU CU MS WS XWS

  • Exposure: iris, aperture, f/stop

  • Resolution: how much detail can be seen

  • Focus- zoom all the way in to focus then frame the shot

  • Gain – electronic amplification of the exposure. Introduces noise into image

  • Image device – CCD or CMOS

Terms to know1

Terms to know

  • Aspect Ratio – 4x3 or 16x9 for HD

  • Light sensitivity – how much light it takes o make a picture

  • White balance – making sure the camera reflects true white in each kind of light

  • ND filter – knocks down the exposure (like wearing sunglasses on a sunny day)

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