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STREETSTAR. MAGAZINE. Rebecca Cummings Sarah Gregory Dan Jozwiak Jessica Roop Joi Sims Stephan Williams. A dollar and a dream. HISTORY. Stephan J. Williams Perfect 10 magazine Opportunity at O.S.U Applied as student organization Online application $500

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Rebecca Cummings

Sarah Gregory

Dan Jozwiak

Jessica Roop

Joi Sims

Stephan Williams

A dollar and a dream...


  • Stephan J. Williams

    • Perfect 10 magazine

    • Opportunity at O.S.U

  • Applied as student organization

    • Online application

    • $500

  • First issue released in December

    • Cam’ron

    • Not much content

    • Disorganized layout

  • January 5, 2004 (10:30am)

    • This wonderful 750 course


    Lil Flip

    Industry Overview

    Threat of New Entrants

    - Free newsletters

    - High at O.S.U

    Threat of Rivalry (Competition)

    - The Source Magazine

    - XXL Magazine

    - King Magazine

    - Vibe Magazine

    - Columbus, based magazines

    Threat of Substitutes

    - newspapers

    - books

    - internet

    I love this magazine

    Threat of Suppliers

    - publisher

    - writers

    - photographers

    Threat of Buyers

    -buyer power

    Sean Combs


    -Expand circulation

    -New distribution channels

    -Acquire new advertisers/collaborators

    -Brand extension


    -Low Price (Free)

    -Dedication of staff

    -Cheaper cost structure

    -Localized point of view



    -Small customer base

    -Low brand awareness and recognition

    -Lack of collaborators

    -Lack of monetary backing



    -Competitors (stronger financial backing, more subscribers, better distribution)

    -Low barrier to entry

    Research technique
    Research Technique

    • Focus Group: Eight people that represented the target market in a one-hour discussion

    • Goal:To generate ideas on potential new content. The most popular will be made into survey questions.

    I’m focused man…

    • Survey:Seventy people in the

    • Columbus area

    • Goal:To gain demographic

    • information of potential subscribers

    • as well as what content is important

    • to them in music magazines.


    Consumer insights
    Consumer Insights

    • Important content:Local/underground artists, newest electronics, and informative celebrity gossip.

    • Unimportant content:horoscope, crossword puzzles, video games.

    • Implementation

      • Underground Kingz

      • N Tech

      • Gossip Folks


    Statistics of survey results
    Statistics of Survey Results

    • Local/Underground Artists

      • Mean=3.641

      • STDV=1.417

    • Consumer Electronics

      • Mean=3.429

      • STDV=1.41

    • Celebrity Gossip

      • Mean=3.057

      • STDV=1.632

    Joan Rivers

    Marketing Mix


    -Urban Music Magazine

    -Variety of Content


    -Word of Mouth



    -Sidewalk Chalk

    -CD Tie in

    Jam Master Jay

    Marketing Mix cont.


    -Urban University Settings

    -High Traffic Areas

    -On/Off Campus Events



    -Market Penetration

    I was just thinking that

    Alicia Keys


    • Segmentation:

      Magazines  Music Magazines  Urban Music Magazines

    • Target Market:College students in urban university towns who have a particular interest in urban music.

    • Positioning:Innovative, informative, and entertaining source for the urban lifestyle.


    • Expand to other large universities in urban areas

    • Tailor the local viewpoint to national markets

    • Continuous research and quality improvement of content

    • Create awareness by building the brand

    • Obtain distribution contracts to gain exposure

    Come on Uncle Scrooge, relax. StreetStar has to get some of the money…we can’t keep it all.

    Bill Gates