2 nd nine weeks
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2 nd Nine Weeks . Overview and Procedures. Please sit in your new assigned seat every day. New seating chart. Entering the classroom: C – Voice Level 1 H – Ask questions if you have them. A – Take care of ALL housekeeping. Begin Daily Target.

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2 nd nine weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

Overview and Procedures

Review of procedures

  • Entering the classroom:

    • C – Voice Level 1

    • H – Ask questions if you have them.

    • A – Take care of ALL housekeeping. Begin Daily Target.

    • M – After you have sharpened your pencil, turned in homework, etc., you must sit in your assigned seat.

    • P – Enter the room, take care of business, and begin Daily Target by the time the door shuts.

Review of Procedures

Review of procedures1

  • Daily Target:

    • The Daily Target will be written on the white board EVERY DAY.

    • Expectation: Begin the Daily Target as class begins each day.

    • Expectation: Turn in Daily Targets EVERY FRIDAY to your period’s bin.

Review of Procedures

Review of procedures2

  • Please remain at a level 0 while I call roll.

  • Raise your hand if you have a question.

  • Please stay in your seat.

  • Please do not sit on top of the desks.

  • Please do not write on the desks.

  • Use the restroom before (or after) class.

  • Please do not ask to go to the nurse unless it is an emergency.

  • If you need a Kleenex or a sharpened pencil, please raise your hand.

  • Hold all trash until the end of class. [This means DO NOT THROW AT THE TRASH CAN.]

Review of Procedures

Grading procedures

  • Formative = 75%

    • Daily Targets (10 points each week = 1 total quiz grade)

    • Homework

    • Quizzes (grammar and literature)

    • Journal Entries

  • Summative = 25%

    • Tests

    • Summative writing assignment

    • Nine weeks exam

  • Points system: Some assignments may be worth less than 100 points. This means they will not have as much impact as a 100 point grade.

Grading Procedures


  • Class tally system

    • Follow beginning of class procedures, give me your attention when I ask for it, etc.



  • Class Dojo

    • I will use Class Dojo to keep track of your behavior throughout the class period.

    • If you receive 5 positive points during the week, you will earn a reward on Friday.

    • You and your parents can see your points each week. I will give you student and parent codes.

    • Points start over each week.

    • I will give 5 bonus points on a test if your parent registers for Class Dojo.



  • Better Choices Sheets

    • will be used for excessive rule violations

    • If negative behavior (talking, throwing, out of seat) continues after filling out a better choices sheet, I will call a parent.

    • If a student is asked to fill out a Better Choices Sheet more than 4 times in one class period, I will write an office referral for “multiple classroom infractions”.




Class rules

Class Rules


  • Tardies calls are not effective, I will resort to an office referral. do not start over 2nd nine weeks.

  • I will show you how many tardies you have according to my computer records.

  • You receive an office referral for every four tardies.

  • Be on time to class. It is disruptive and distracting (even if you come in quietly) when you are tardy, so we need to limit the distractions as much as possible.


Remind 101

Remind 101

Parent teacher conference day

  • Thursday from 7AM – 3PM encourage them to sign up for Remind 101, too!

  • The class period with the highest attendance of parents on Thursday will receive an football toward your class reward.

Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Clean out binder

Clean out binder

Journal entry 1

  • Write one page using at least 2 paragraphs (minimum 5 sentences in each paragraph).

  • Address the following questions in your journal entry.

  • Reflect upon the 1st nine weeks. Academically, what did you do well? What did you not do well? What was easy for you? What was difficult for you?

  • Behaviorally, what went well? What did not go well?

  • What are your expectations for 2nd nine weeks? What are some things you could do better this nine weeks? List at least 2 goals you have set for the 2nd nine weeks.

Journal Entry 1