An overview of selected dli projects 2007 2008
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An overview of selected DLI projects 2007-2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An overview of selected DLI projects 2007-2008. Marie-Claire Lauzon, Statistics Canada DLI Atlantic Training Acadia University April 24, 2008. Objective . To provide an overview of some the projects the DLI unit has been working on in 2007-2008 The DLI Survival Guide

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An overview of selected dli projects 2007 2008

An overview of selected DLI projects 2007-2008

Marie-Claire Lauzon, Statistics Canada

DLI Atlantic Training

Acadia University

April 24, 2008


  • To provide an overview of some the projects the DLI unit has been working on in 2007-2008

    • The DLI Survival Guide

    • The new and improved DLI collection interface

    • A faster search tool for the DLI listserv

    • DDI – Data Documentation Initiative and Nesstar

The dli survival guide a bit of history
The DLI Survival Guide – A bit of history

  • Based on:

    • The “Brian McNally First Aid CD-ROM” produced by Elizabeth Hamilton and her colleagues at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) - A quick reference guide for librarians that dedicate a short amount of time to data services

    • The 1997 training binder for new data librarians developed by the DLI unit

The dli survival guide a bit of history1
The DLI Survival Guide – A bit of history

  • These resources were expanded through the efforts of Jane Fry, Carleton University, and the DLI unit at Statistics Canada

  • Chuck Humphrey, University of Alberta and Nancy Lemay, University of Ottawa, also contributed to the Guide

Dli survival guide national training day demo
DLI Survival Guide – National Training Day Demo

  • Draft version of the Guide presented during the DLI National Training Day (May 2007)

  • DLI unit received more than 100 suggestions from the DLI community

  • Incorporated these suggestions and translated the Guide

  • Released an updated, password protected, version

Let s have a closer look
Let’s have a closer look…


    • Username: Framew0rK

    • Password: newWebs1te

Dli survival guide recent developments
DLI Survival Guide – Recent developments

  • Last month, the Centre of Expertise on Accessibility reviewed the guide and provided accessibility related recommendations

  • Their recommendations led us to re-write and re-code certain sections of the Guide

    • Replaced menu on right side with links at the top

    • Removed any instances of “click here”

    • Re-wrote expressions like “Position your mouse over the link below" (not everyone uses a mouse)

Dli survival guide next steps
DLI Survival Guide – Next Steps

  • Currently testing search feature with search specialists from our Dissemination Division

  • This week, the Guide is undergoing TASS (Testing and Support Services Unit) testing

    • Examine how the Guide works in different browsers

    • Identify any broken links

    • Provide usability recommendations

  • We will then implement the usability recommendations and release the Guide

The new dli collection interface
The new DLI collection interface

  • Goal: Facilitate access to DLI data and metadata

  • Being developed by IT specialists in the Dissemination Division

  • Jackie Godfrey is our DLI lead on the project

  • Will allow users to both browse and search the DLI collection

  • Will pull information from IMDB and Online Catalogue

  • Will eventually completely replace our static DLI collections pages

The new dli collection interface1
The new DLI collection interface

  • Interface is based on the Statistics Canada Analytical Studies module

  • Users can search the Online Catalogue for DLI products by keyword

  • They can also browse the IMDB for DLI related surveys and related products

    • By Subject

    • By Date

    • By Survey

Let s have a look at the prototype
Let’s have a look at the prototype…


Dli collection interface prototype
DLI Collection Interface Prototype

  • Next Steps

    • Continue to develop searching and browsing functionality, the interface design

    • Perform usability testing

    • Launch the interface and use it with the DLI static pages

    • Develop a fully independent interface

The new dlilist search tool
The new dlilist search tool

  • Prototype based on open source application

  • A faster alternative to the existing listserv search tool

  • Available under “Alternate Search” on the dlilist

The new dlilist search tool1
The new dlilist search tool

  • Supports Boolean

    • AND, OR, NOT

    • Must be capitalized

  • Use “ ” to search as phrase

  • Use * to truncate

Search results compared
Search results compared

  • Prototype faster

  • Primary tool shows search terms in bold in results

  • Primary tool shows total # of documents searched and # found

Dlilist search tool next steps
dlilist search tool - next steps

  • Request input from the DLI community (Is this a tool that you would find helpful?)

  • Complete the prototype’s development

    • Functionality

      • Bold search terms in results list

      • Display # of documents searched and retrieved

      • Show author’s name

      • Search within results

    • Develop the interface

    • Test

    • Launch

Ddi data documentation initiative
DDI – Data Documentation Initiative

  • DDI – Data Documentation Initiative

  • An international XML-based metadata tagging system for social science data

  • Allows for detailed and structured information searches across repositories or data collections tagged using DDI specifications

Ddi data documentation initiative1
DDI – Data Documentation Initiative

  • Statistics Canada working on DDI project since April 2007

  • Other groups working on DDI:

    • ODESI (Ontario Data Extraction System Infrastructure) – a jointly funded project between the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) and OntarioBuys

    • Statistics Canada Research Data Centres (RDCs) will be coding Statistics Canada master files in DDI format

  • DDI specialist in DLI unit is Linda Harding-Devries

Ddi best practices document
DDI Best Practices Document

  • DLI unit has worked with:

    • Dr Michelle Edwards (Guelph University)

    • Jane Fry (Carleton University)

    • Irene Wong (University of Alberta)

    • Special Surveys Division at Statistics Canada

  • Developed the Statistics Canada best practices document for coding Statistics Canada files in DDI format

    • Goal: Ensure consistency in marking up surveys

  • Also working with other Divisions within StatCan on DDI related projects

  • Provides training to Statistics Canada Divisions on tagging DDI files

Statistics canada files in ddi
Statistics Canada files in DDI

  • The following StatCan data files have been coded in DDI and are available through the DLI Nesstar site:

    • Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), 2000-2007

    • 1996 Census of Population (Households and Housing, Families and Individuals Files)

    • Public Service Employee Opinion Survey (PSES), 2002 and 2005

    • Residential Telephone Service Survey (RTSS), 2004 (May and December), 2005 and 2006

    • Youth Smoking Survey (YSS), 2002

  • We will be adding these files next week:

    • Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating, 2004

    • Employment Insurance Coverage Survey, 2000 to 2006

The statistics canada nesstar site
The Statistics Canada Nesstar site

  • The DLI Nesstar site will be the official repository for StatCan data files in DDI compliant format

    • a virtual data library

    • users can search, browse, download and manipulate Statistics Canada data files to create their own tables

  • Files will be available in both French and English

  • DLI contacts can access DLI data with a user name and password

  • The metadata will be available to all. Clients will be able to perform variable level searches to locate data files

  • Next files to be tagged are Census of Population, Public Service Employee Opinion Survey (PSES), Residential Telephone Service Survey (RTSS), Youth Smoking Survey (YSS) files

  • Statistics Canada Nesstar site: