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MY STORY. My name is Malalay Sahow . I’m 38 years old. I came from Afghanistan. I came to Australia in 2003. I have five children. My husband is a taxi driver.

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My name is Malalay Sahow .

I’m 38 years old.

I came from Afghanistan.


I came to Australia in 2003.

  • I have five children.
  • My husband is a taxi driver.
When I came to Australia I was very happy that I am safe in Australia. I was also very happy because my family was in Australia and I could see them after a very long period of time.
When I came to Australia it was a very hard time because my husband had to pay for a loan for the tickets to come to Australia. It was also hard because he didn’t know how to speak English and he didn’t have a job.
After two months my husband got a job in a factory. At day time he would go to work, and in the evening he would study English. My children went to school and my smallest son was with me so I couldn’t go to study.
After 3 years my son was 5 years old and he went to school.

I went to TAFE to study English.

I am still at TAFE.

My first child MAYWAND SAHOW is now doing his HSC. He is very LAZY about making his bed and cleaning his room.

He is very funny, and very active.

He is a very hard worker.

My second child is MARYAM SAHOW.

She is in year 9 and she is very smart. She is a very angry person at home. When something doesn’t go right for her she stresses A LOT.

She is also very honest.

The fourth child is MOHMOND SAHOW. He is in year 6 and going to high school next year. He is 12 years old. Mohmond is very active in everything and he is my naughtiest child.
The last child is MIRWIS SAHOW. He is in year 5 and he is 11 years old. He is very cute and adorable. He is the most innocent boy and helpful boy. He is very smart in English and Maths.

He loves mathematics.

The last person in my family is my beautiful pet PRINCE SAHOW. He is a dog and a very cute dog. I love him a lot because he listens to me all the time. He also does lots of tricks.
Now that you’ve been introduced to my family and my dog you know who I have in my family and who are the people in my family.
This is the time when my family and I gets together and spend some money on our new dream house. Which has 6 bedroom, 3 toilets, and 2 very large sized living/ lounge rooms. This dream house is 2 storey.