The 1960 1969
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The 1960-1969. By: Beatriz j, Fernanda G, Estrella G. what was Going on during this decade?. Presidents: John f. Kennedy and L yndon Johnson The inventions in 1960-1969: were the permanent –press fabric was invented, The barcode was also invented and the halogen lamp was invented.

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The 1960 1969

The 1960-1969

By: Beatriz j, Fernanda G, Estrella G.

What was going on during this decade
what was Going on during this decade?

  • Presidents: John f. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson

  • The inventions in 1960-1969: were the permanent –press fabric was invented,

  • The barcode was also invented and the halogen lamp was invented.

  • Economics: The U.S. experienced its longest uninterrupted period of economic expansion, unemployment was at 57%

  • During the 1960’s the U.S. went to war with North Vietnam without a formal declaration of war.

  • Events that influenced society: the black civil rights movement and music such as the British “Invasion”

  • Events that influenced fashion: social atmosphere of the time and Jacqueline Kennedy

Major entertainers fashion designers
Major Entertainers & Fashion Designers

  • Major Entertainers

  • The Beatles rock music influenced the skinhead fashion trend( late 1960’s)

  • British teenage super model Leslie Hornby was a fashion idol for teenage girls: boyish haircut, leffy waif-like frame she became very popular.

  • Audrey Hepburn, well-known actress, was a fashion idol for women her style of: simple flat shoes, ¾ length pants and plain black shift dresses became a big fashion trend.

  • Well known Fashion Designers

  • Pierre Cardin: thigh high boots, collarless jackets and target emblazoned mini shift dresses in bright colors were his trade mark.

  • André Courréges: go-go boots and established the triangle shaped shift dress which became the defining silhouette for the 60’s.

  • Givenchy: refined style by dressing Audrey Hepburn

  • Pucci: Most recognized for his trademark- colorful psychedelic prints.

Fashion designers
Fashion Designers

  • André Courréges: Givenchy:

  • Pucci:

Clothing Styles

  • Bikinis, mini skirts, pillbox hats, drainpipe jeans, empire waist dresses, line dresses, vintage skirts, etc.

  • Hippie look impacted this period

  • Body Type

  • Skinny, tall and pretty

  • Slim

  • During this period it changed dramatically

  • Impacted Women and their health

  • Anorexia was a problem in this time

“the face of 1966”


  • Informal: Empire waist dress

  • -In pastel blue and pink

  • -Floral prints

  • -Bright Colors

  • Formal: Line Dress

  • -Rainbow colors

  • -Full Skirts

  • -Extended from the waist to the knee or to the floor


  • They became shorter and shorter

  • They just skimmed the knee

  • Princess Seam: gave more volume into skirts

  • Mini skirts: 6-7 inches above the knees

  • Vintage skirts

  • Pants

  • Tights were introduced

  • Suspender belts were introduced as well

  • Capri pants (only used for casual occasions)

  • Shorts (only used for causal occasions)

  • Culottes


  • Lower kitten heels

  • Pointed toes

  • Flat boots (used with skirts)

  • Prints/Colors

  • Bright colors

  • Prints

  • -Flower prints

  • -Stripes

  • - Squares

  • -Different colores