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OFF-ROAD SPARK-IGNITED ENGINE CERTIFICATION SECTION (OFSEC). Kumar Muthukumar June 7, 2012. New Vehicle/Engine Programs Branch Organization Chart. Mobile Source Operations Division. OFSEC Section Responsibilities. N ew Off-Road Spark-Ignited Engines/Equipment Certification Audit.

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Presentation Transcript

New vehicle engine programs branch organization chart
New Vehicle/Engine Programs BranchOrganization Chart

  • Mobile Source Operations Division

Ofsec section responsibilities
OFSEC SectionResponsibilities

  • New Off-Road Spark-Ignited Engines/Equipment

    • Certification

    • Audit

Ofsec section what do we certify
OFSEC SectionWhat do we Certify?

  • Off-Road Spark-Ignited Engines/Equipment

    • Small Engines (≤ 19 kW)

    • Large Engines (> 19 kW)

    • Recreational Marine

  • Exhaust Emissions(g/kW-hr)

    • HC+NOx, CO, PM

  • Evaporative Emissions

    • Diurnal, Running Loss, Fuel Cap

Small spark ignited engines ssie
Small Spark-Ignited Engines (SSIE)

  • Typical Applications:

    • Chainsaws

    • Backpack Blowers

    • Pressure Washers

    • Lawnmowers

Large spark ignited engines lsie
Large Spark-Ignited Engines (LSIE)

  • Typical Applications:

    • Turf Care

    • Forklifts

    • Generators

    • Tractors

Spark ignited marine engines sime
Spark-Ignited Marine Engines (SIME)

  • Typical Applications:

    • Personal Watercraft

    • Jet Boats

    • Sterndrive/Inboard

    • Outboards

Spark ignited engine certification
Spark-Ignited Engine Certification

  • How do you know if new engines/equipment will meet California’s emission standards?


    • Does it meet emissions standards?

      • Label

      • Warranty

      • Tamper-resistance

    • Will it be durable?

  • Certification is required before products can be legally sold in California

Growth i n spark ignited engine certifications
Growth in Spark-Ignited Engine Certifications





LSIE (2001-2004)



Today s focus
Today’s Focus

Engine Tampering:

How Certification

Addresses this Problem

Engine tampering how certification addresses this problem
Engine TamperingHow Certification addresses this problem

  • Tampering with engines prevalent

  • Consumers tend to tamper with engines because:

    • Simple to adjust with ordinary tools

    • Perceived performance benefits

    • Human nature!

  • Emission impacts of tampering significant

  • To remedy this problem, California regulations require adjustable parameters to be tamper-resistant

Adjustable parameters
Adjustable Parameters

  • Definition: any device, system, or element of design which is physically capable of being adjusted, and which, if adjusted, may affect emissions or engine performance

  • Example: carburetor air/fuel mixture screws (idle & WOT)

  • Two design types:

    • Limited Range of Adjustment

    • Tamper Resistance Method (TRM)

Adjustable parameters equipped with range of adjustment
Adjustable ParametersEquipped with Range of Adjustment

L-screw limited to 315o

  • Example: carburetor air/fuel mixture screw (rich to lean setting)

  • Engine must meet emission standards at any setting

  • Manufacturer may be required to test at any point in the range of adjustment (rich/lean)


limited to 270o

Adjustable parameters equipped with tamper resistance method
Adjustable ParametersEquipped with Tamper Resistance Method

  • Tamper resistant, not tamper proof

    (Common sense approach)

  • 40 CFR 90.112b: Not considered adjustable if:

    • permanently sealed by manufacturer

    • not normally accessible using ordinary tools

  • Examples of tamper resistance methods:

    • Limiter Caps

    • Breakoff Screws

    • Metal Plugs

    • Adjustable using special tools

    • Inaccessible due to parameter recessed in engine housing

Trm example limiter cap
TRM Example: Limiter Cap

Limiter Cap

Limiter Cap

Trm example break off screw
TRM Example: Break-off Screw

Break-off Screw

Trm example special tool screw
TRM Example: Special Tool/Screw

Special Screw

Special Tool

Trm example inaccessible adjustable parameter
TRM Example:Inaccessible Adjustable Parameter

Adjustable parameter recessed in chainsaw’s engine housing

Adjustable parameters trm evaluation
Adjustable ParametersTRM Evaluation

  • Staff tests tamper resistance as a part of certification

    • Commonly available tools,

      e.g. pliers, screwdrivers, hammer

    • Testing done in less than 30 minutes

    • No damage to carburetor or engine

    • At least two staff participate

Special tool trm fails evaluation
Special Tool TRMFails Evaluation

Ofsec section responsibilities1
OFSEC SectionResponsibilities

  • New Off-Road Spark-Ignited Engines/Equipment

    • Certification

    • Audit

Audit program
Audit Program

  • How do you make sure that the manufacturers produce engines/equipment like the ones they certified?


    • New Engine (Title 13) Audit testing at ARB or manufacturer’s facilities

    • Production line reports

    • Assembly-line inspections

Title 13 audit new engine compliance testing
Title 13 AuditNew Engine Compliance Testing

  • Staff visits manufacturer facilities to verify compliance with emission standards and regulations.

    • On-site emission testing

    • Assembly-line inspection

    • Verify part numbers, label, warranty, and tamper resistance method

Title 13 audit new engine compliance testing1
Title 13 AuditNew Engine Compliance Testing

Ofsec links

  • SSIE

  • LSIE

  • SIME

  • Off-Road Certification Database

Ofsec section team members
OFSEC SectionTeam Members

  • Joseph Jegede

  • Geeta Osborn

  • Alan Chow

  • Kevin Curley

  • Michael Lin

  • Janie Han-Luu

  • Byron Ng

  • Sophia Mahmood

  • David Pino

  • Sean Holmes (Student)

  • Gileyn Bernal (Student)