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Project management in R&D. Kristian Widén, PhD. Kristian Widén, PhD. I am 41 years young I live in Kävlinge, outside Lund Masters in Civil Engineering, PhD in Construction Management, Innovations difusion in the construction sector. I run a company and I am President in SFK.

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Project management in r d

Project management in R&D

Kristian Widén, PhD

Kristian wid n phd
Kristian Widén, PhD

  • I am 41 years young

  • I live in Kävlinge, outside Lund

  • Masters in Civil Engineering, PhD in Construction Management, Innovations difusion in the construction sector.

  • I run a company and I am President in SFK

The scope of the course
The scope of the course

  • Two courses

    • General (4.5 credits)

      • Basic knowledge on R&D projects and project management in R&D

    • Specific (4.5 credits)

      • Report on a selected topic connected to project management in R&D

Course structure
Course structure

  • The course follow the general structure of PMBoK

  • At the end of the course we intend to have some variuos guest lectures giving you example of how it works in practice

Course structure c d
Course structure (c’d)

  • Litterature

    • You should each choose a project management text book

    • I recommend to get PMBoK

    • Any additional llitterature will be handed out

Course structure c d1
Course structure c’d)

  • Assignments

    • Before each lecture you should write one page on the up-coming topic based on your own litterature

    • Discuss, in groups, the approach to PM related to R&D and present

    • You should right a short summary of your litterature

What is a project1
What is a project?

  • One defintion is:

    • A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.

What is a project2
What is a project?

  • Characteristics

    • Managed by objectives

    • Temporary

    • Unique

    • Progressive elaboration

Project examples
Project examples

  • Develop a new product or service

  • Implementing an organsiational change

  • Building a facility

  • Carry out a political campaign

Types of projects
Types of projects

  • External

    • On behalf of someone else

  • Internal

    • Internal customer

Academic projects
Academic projects

  • Research projects

  • PhD projects

Development projects
Development projects

  • New product

  • New process

  • New service

What is project management1
What is project management?

  • One definition is:

    • Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

What is project management2
What is project management?

  • Managing a project includes:

    • Identifying requirements

    • Establishing clear and achievable objectives

    • Balansing the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost

    • Adapting apting the specifications, plans, and approach to the different concerns and expectations of the variuos stakeholders

History of projet management
History of Projet management

  • Modern project management started with the Manhattan project

  • Some tools:

    • Gantt - chart, 1917, developed by Henry Gantt

    • PERT - chart 1958, developed by US Navy

    • PM Software, 1970-talet, developed by the american army and the construction sector

    • In 1990s, Project management is beginning to be used more generally.

The knowledge areas of pm
The knowledge areas of PM

  • Integration

  • Scope

  • Time

  • Cost

  • Quality

  • Human resources

  • Project Communications

  • Risk

  • Procurement

Project structure
Project structure

Sub project

Main Project

Sub project

Sub project

Plan, Do, Check, Act

Related areas
Related areas

  • Program and program management

  • Portfolio and portfolio management

Project phases
Project phases

  • Initial

    • Idea

    • Feasability study

  • Intermidiate

    • Plan

    • Baseline

    • Progress

    • Acceptance

  • Final

    • Handover

Project management process groups
Project management process groups

  • Initiating

  • Planning

  • Executing

  • Monitoring and Controlling

  • Closing


  • Functional/Line organisation

  • Projecized Organisation

  • Matrix organisation (Weak, Balanced, Strong)

Project relations
Project relations

  • Obstacles

    • Cost

    • Confidentiality

    • Diference in deadlines

    • Compeition of resource

    • Dependence of non-resulting project/closing project

    • Information flows

    • Different goals/interests

    • Exisiting platforms/mindsets

    • Conecting theories with data/”Real world”

  • Enablers

    • Right qualified people in the project

    • Good colaboration

    • Finance

    • Share knowledge

    • Flexibility among sub-projects

    • Time-management

    • Perspectives from others

    • Needs from outside academia

    • Data collection in companies

    • Potential for long time focus

    • Same field experience

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