Certificate in Written French for Non-Francophones

Certificate in Written French for Non-Francophones

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WHAT IS A CERTIFICATE?. University DegreeUndergraduate30 credits (10 courses). WHAT IS A CREDIT?. 1 credit= 15 hours of class3 credits=45 hours of class6 credits=90 hours of classIn general ? 3 credit courses. NUMBER OF TERMS. 3 terms per yearFall :September to DecemberWinter :January to AprilSummer :May to June (until July or August for certain courses).
Certificate in Written French for Non-Francophones

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1. Certificate in Written French for Non-Francophones ?cole de langues Language School UQAM

2. WHAT IS A CERTIFICATE? University Degree Undergraduate 30 credits (10 courses)

3. WHAT IS A CREDIT? 1 credit = 15 hours of class 3 credits = 45 hours of class 6 credits = 90 hours of class In general ? 3 credit courses

4. NUMBER OF TERMS 3 terms per year Fall : September to December Winter : January to April Summer : May to June (until July or August for certain courses)

5. TIME FRAME TO COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATE When entering the French Program at the Advanced II Level : One year full-time Two years part-time

6. CERTIFICATE STRUCTURE The Certificate encompasses oral, phonetic and grammar components, with a focus on integration, culture and technologies.

7. CERTIFICATE STRUCTURE (2nd page) 5 compulsory courses (18 credits) : LAN 3650 ? FLS ? Avanc? II = 3 credits French as a Second Language- Grammar- Advanced II LAN 1016 - R?daction I - Writing I = 3 credits LAN 3675 ? FLS ? Avanc? III = 6 credits French as a Second Language ?Grammar and writing - Advanced III LAN 2016 - R?daction II - Writing II = 3 credits LAN 2000 - Activit?s d?int?gration = 3 credits Integration Activities

8. CERTIFICATE STRUCTURE (3rd page) 4 optional courses (12 credits) amongst the following : LAN 4625 - Phon?tique corrective Corrective Phonetics- Pronunciation-Perception LAN 2020 - Compr?hension orale Listening and oral compr?henion LAN 4635 - Communication orale-Avanc? II Oral Communication- Advanced II LAN 3655 - Compr?hension de texte et enrichissement du lexique Reading and Vocabulary Enhancement LAN 2005 - Transition professionnelle et multim?dia Career Development Tools LAN 2030 - Rendez-vous avec la culture qu?b?coise Quebec Culture LAN 4655 - Correspondance d?affaires et multim?dias Business Writing and Multimedia Course in chosen Undergraduate Program (except language).

9. CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION Have a CEGEP / College Degree OR the equivalent (13 years of education) OR be over 21 years old

10. FEES 3 credit course ? $ 260 Approximately 6 credit course ? $ 520 Approximately Government loans and bursaries are available at all levels of the French Program for Non-Francophones

11. CERTIFICATE ADVANTAGES Provides a positive element in job search. Supports learning in other programs. Exempts from French Entry Test for most regular programs at UQAM. Can be integrated in a Cumulative Bachelor?s of Arts Degree.

12. CUMULATIVE BACHELOR?S ? 3 CERTIFICATES EXAMPLE Certificates in : Written French for Non-Francophones Pre-School Education Public Service Management = Bachelor?s of Arts

13. POLICIES ON FRENCH Anyone educated outside of Quebec must pass a French Test before entering a University Program. In case of failure, the candidate must enrol in a French course to upgrade his or her level of French proficiency. These upgrade courses are intended for Francophones and are very difficult for Non-Francophones. This is why the Certificate offers French courses tailored to the needs of Non-Francophones.

14. POLICIES ON FRENCH (2nd page) A student who obtains a Certificate in Written French for Non-Francophones can AUTOMATICALLY access most regular programs given at UQAM WITHOUT having to pass the customary French Test.

15. HOW TO REGISTER? Get your registration form on location at the program?s Office (DS-2442.) Fill in your registration form and bring it or send it to the Registrar?s Office (DS-R110.) You will be notified to attend a placement test. After the test: ?you will be notified to attend orientation where you will be informed, amongst other things, on how to chose your courses; ?you will chose your courses and enrol on line.

16. WHEN MAY YOU START THE CERTIFICATE? The Certificate starts at the Advanced II Level of the French Program. If you are placed at that level, you may start it right away. HOWEVER, there are credited courses from the beginner levels covering all skills: ORAL COMMUNICATION PRONUNCIATION & LISTENING INTEGRATION READING & WRITING

17. CREDITED COURSES IN THE FRENCH PROGRAM The following courses usually precede the Certificate : Beginners (LAN 1600, 1601, 1602) Intermediary I-II (LAN 2601, 2602,2603 Intermediary III (LAN 2600) Advanced I (LAN 3600, 3601, 3602, 4625)

18. SUPPORT & REINFORCEMENT The following services are free for all students in the French Program : Grammar Workshops (small groups) Conversation Workshops (small groups) Individual Support Language Laboratory Multimedia and Computer Laboratories Interpretation and Translation Services Orientation Services for Educational and Professional goals

19. SUPPORT & REINFORCEMENT (2nd page) Information Workshops (health, education, financial institutions, taxes, etc.) UQAM Support Workshops to guide and help through the course of studies Reference Centre for students of all origins Linguistic Exchange Bureau Pedagogical activities organised with other UQAM Departments for practicing French with francophones in real life situations

20. WHAT TO DO AFTER THE CERTIFICATE? After the Certificate, students have attained a French proficiency level which allows them to join the work force, or to pursue collegial and university studies in a French environment

21. POTENTIAL STUDIES AFTER THE CERTIFICATE Collegial (CEGEP) level: DEC, AEC, etc. University level: Certificate (30 credits) Bachelor?s (90 credits) Cumulative Bachelor?s (3 Certificates) Master?s Ph.D.

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