help in creating mailing list and user survey for community skatepark
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Help in Creating Mailing List and User Survey For Community

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Help in Creating Mailing List and User Survey For Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on A User Survey can be created to collect info from individuals within the local community with regard to their interest in sports that could gain from a skatepark.

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In order for your campaign to construct a skatepark to be successful in the least amount of time you will need to make all non-skaters conscious that you are the local professionals. Not only on the sport of professional skateboarding, but skatepark design and development as well. Your group will have to exhibit to others the need for a skatepark and convince them that they should assist the park in financial terms. Don\'t forget, most proponents will ultimately have to part with some of their own hard-earned cash to help to make things transpire, so you want to be convincing.

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Produce a Mailing List

Commencing and keeping a good mailing list involves a lot of time and energy, but it requires to be completed. All of the work will be well worth it. It is best to start from scratch, as you will have full control of the content of the list. The petition pages are a good place to get started. The mailing list should certainly be up-to-date often so that the information and facts is latest.

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Prevent the tendency to go for the big list, continually choose for top quality over number. Include only those groups or individuals that have shown support and can help to further the cause now or in the future. Don\'t use other organizations lists, as they are not likely to be of much good. The only different might be to use the mailing list of a non-profit agency in the event that you are operating under the umbrella of their non-profit status. In no way pay for a listing and by no means wait until you require the mailing list to put it together.

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Skatepark User Survey

A User Survey can be created to collect info from individuals within the local community with regard to their interest in sports that could gain from a skatepark. This information is essential because it enables you to accurately handle issues such as potential use patterns. It shows community members and city government that you are organized and have done your analysis. It also offers a resource of potential volunteers when it comes time for skatepark design, fundraising and development.

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In addition, the merged data can be priceless during the design phase as it provides the design group with information and facts on potential use patterns, age groups and skill levels. Fundamental things to understand are how many potential park users are there, how frequently would they use a park, and how much they spent on skateboarding per year.

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Finish a Survey of Communities with Present Skateparks

A survey should be sent or offered to persons included with the building of skateparks in other towns. The success of this survey can provide impressive information. Individuals replying to the survey are probably to be same to the people who will be determining the fate of your campaign for a skatepark. So the views of these people will be revered and respected by those individuals (e.g., members of city government).

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By developing a survey of towns with completed skateparks you can see potentially uncomfortable problems and take actions to stay away from them before you ever communicate to the city council. The accumulating of this information and facts will demonstrate that you are organized, have undertaken your research and are not asking for allocation of a large amount of funds without having focus and planning.

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