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this is about vetris

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of college grads lack basic skills needed for the workforce

200 billion

$200 billion

The skills gaps costs companies $200 billion in unfilled job openings

200 billion1

$200 billion

Almost $200 billion is spent on corporate training each year

9 out of 10

9 out of 10

Companies fail, yet 8 out of 10 companies that receive mentorship with planning and strategy through incubation succeed and grow 7 to 22 times more than those than those that don’t



The most successful companies spend twice as much on corporate spending the underperforming companies



of companies go to their spouse or family members for their advice, yet 90% of successful startups go to experts for their advice

3 5 years

3-5 years

It takes companies 3-5 years to take seasoned professionals and make them fully productive



of low skill jobs are threatened of being reduced or completely eliminated



People who strategize and plan make 9 times more money over the course of their life, only 4% of people do, 1% keep track of their plans


Vetris is a marketplace that offers real-time development through high valued vetted entrepreneurs (business coaches, mentors, corporate trainers, business consultants, former professors) as solutions to entrepreneurs (corporate, executive, startup, personal)


Vetris aims to provide a screened vetted entrepreneur marketplacethat offers the development of only top practices and strategies in industries (which lead to higher growth, higher revenue, higher profit, greater conversion, lower burn rate, etc.)


Vetris also looks to provide a marketplace that provides developmentof onlyhighly valued industry skills ( that lead to greater employment, greater salaries, and are in demand)


Vetris will also provide startups with the ability to link their job openings to entrepreneurs who receive affirmed skills through the site, similar to badges offered through Udacity, yet through real-time development with a vetted expert


Similar to riders of Uber, vetted entrepreneurs are incentivized by the ability to be businessman through the marketplace through micro-entrepreneurship. Utilizing group cohorts and signups, with the ability of multiple cohorts in a time period.


Vetris will also offer entrepreneurs access to a 15 min conversation with any veteran, and use channels like a linkedin signup to match entrepreneurs to veterans that are accessible and who will most likely understand their problems


Vetris turns profit through transactional percentage withdraw, taking a percentage of each development cohort provided by experts throught the marketplace


Similar to Uber and cities, Vetrislooks to grow incrementally through replicating high quality in every state and then country that it is in