Diamond Nose Studs

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BMG Offers huge range of Custom made Gold Body Piercing Jewellery, Belly Bars, Diamond Nose Studs, Eyebrow jewellery and Gold Navel Jewellery in UK.

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Diamond Nose Studs

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2. Body Matters Gold (BMG) was founded in 1998 We are one of the only companies in the world that understand jewellery, piercing, and piercing jewellery - how it works & how it needs to fit. BMG have the largest collection of specialized Diamond Nose Studs, Designer Belly Bars, BCRs, Barbells, Labret Studs, Ear Jewellery and many more. Plus you can rest assured - all of the body jewellery is nickel-free, so you won't get any of the bad reactions you might experience with cheaper jewellery. Have a look at some of the new sections such as Internally Threaded Labrets set with Diamonds, Bioflex Diamond Labrets and Indian Nose Studs.

4. BMG nose studs are the only real nose studs that sit flat on your face. They don't have claws to hold the stone, which means no trapping bacteria,a flat bezel sits on (not in) the piercing looking raised up.

5. Semi - segment rings. In Gold White Gold and platinum. For the full ring look without a ball.

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