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United Nations Development Programme. National Communications Support Programme NCSP UNDP/UNEP/GEF Martha Perdomo Global Manager, NCSP [email protected] George Manful Senior Task Manager, UNEP [email protected] Programme Objectives. To facilitate preparation of NCs

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United Nations Development Programme

National Communications Support ProgrammeNCSPUNDP/UNEP/GEF Martha PerdomoGlobal Manager, [email protected] ManfulSenior Task Manager, [email protected]

Programme objectives
Programme Objectives

  • To facilitate preparation of NCs

  • To prepare and disseminate technical and policy- relevant materials, including training

  • To sustain capacity building efforts through:

    • knowledge networks

    • best practices

    • communications and outreach

Collaboration with regional institutions will be actively promoted

Ncsp implementation strategy
NCSP Implementation Strategy

  • Provide support to all NAI Parties for the preparation of their NC

  • Consult with NC project coordinators on a regular basis

  • Flexible scheme to address changing priorities during preparation of NCs

  • Core thematic areas to be addressed by the NCSP

    • GHG inventories, vulnerability and adaptation, abatement

    • Technology transfer and needs assessments

    • Integration of climate change issues into national development plans

  • Cooperate with CGE for technical assistance

  • Web-based training materials, where appropriate

  • Provide assistance for preparation of mitigation and adaptation projects for funding

Ncsp communications strategy
NCSP: Communications Strategy

  • Website

    • Updated monthly

    • Hosts Knowledge Networks

    • Expanded library of resources

  • Email list-server

    • Monthly information updates (e.g. project results, lessons learned, general climate news)

  • Quarterly Newsletter

    • Informing on NCSP and UNDP, UNEP, GEF climate change activities

  • UNFCCC side events to inform on progress

Ncsp support activities
NCSP Support Activities

  • During project implementation:

    • Identify and share good practices on the basis of countries’ experiences

    • Provide technical feedback on draft NCs and sectoral technical reports

    • Provide guidance on methodological issues and resource materials, addressing gaps where relevant

    • Conduct regional thematic workshop in coordination with the CGE

    • Conduct sub-regional, targeted training activities

Ncsp current activities
NCSP Current Activities

  • NCSP activities were initiated in June 2005

  • A workplan was prepared

  • A listserv is being updated on national project coordinators

  • A questionnaire on technical needs is being prepared

  • An initiation workshop is being organized for countries already starting the NC work

  • Preparations for a KN on GHG inventories are underway

  • Participation in training workshops of CGE

  • A meeting of the Advisory Committee is planned

Kn on ghg inventories and v a
KN on GHG Inventories and V&A

  • Purpose: to provide an online facility for NAI experts:

    - to exchange information

    - ask questions

    - share expertise

    There is currently no such facility

Kn on ghg inventories and v a1
KN on GHG Inventories and V&A

  • Description:

    • It will take the form of a moderated email listserv

    • Moderator will function as expert and as gatekeeper for listserv submissions

    • Substance of exchanges will be: information dissemination, questions and answers

    • Will engage regional Centres of excellence/organizations

    • Annual report to be produced, including lessons learned

Status of preparation of ncs
Status of preparation of NCs

  • 102 countries have received funds ($15,000) for the stocktaking exercise and stakeholders consultations to prepare their NC project proposals under expedited procedures:

  • 6 countries are preparing their SNC without accessing stocktaking funds:

    • Argentina, Brazil, India and Peru (full cycle projects)

    • Morocco, Tunisia (followed expedited procedures)

  • 2 countries are preparing their TNC without accessing stocktaking funds:

    • Mexico, Uruguay (followed expedited procedures)


    • SNC: 103

    • TNC: 2

    • INC: 5

Status of approval of projects
Status of approval of projects

  • Countries with project proposals approved, under expedited procedure:

  • Albania

  • Armenia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Bolivia

  • Cote d’Ivoire

  • Democratic Rep. of Congo

  • Georgia

  • Haiti

  • Kazakhstan

  • Kenya

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Lebanon

  • Liberia (INC)

  • Macedonia

  • Mauritania

  • Mexico (TNC)

  • Moldova

  • Morocco

  • Nicaragua

  • Niue

  • Samoa

  • Tajikistan

  • Tunisia

  • Turkey (INC)

  • Uruguay (TNC)

  • Uzbekistan

  • Countries with project proposals approved, under full cycle procedures:

  • Argentina, Brazil, India, Peru

  • 16 countries have submitted their proposals to IAs for approval