Project 4 user interface for logging food intake and activities
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Project 4: User interface for logging food intake and activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Project 4: User interface for logging food intake and activities. Muhammad Zaman, Warren Trinh, Thanh Le, and Christine Liang. What is it?.

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Project 4 user interface for logging food intake and activities

Project 4: User interface for logging food intake and activities

Muhammad Zaman, Warren Trinh, Thanh Le, and Christine Liang

What is it
What is it? activities

  • The project that we are working on is an online application where users can register their daily diet information and physical activities into a calendar log.

  • The application will allow diabetics to track their progress and provide notes on how to improve their diet. 

  • Our primary focus is to test the application for usability issues and suggest ways to improve the app. 

  • We are also assigned the task of improving the look and feel of the site by changing the CSS.

Usability heuristic problems
Usability/Heuristic Problems activities

  • There was no way for the user to delete and edit meals/ meal items / activities 

  • User had to search the exact name of an item to search for it

  • There was no way for the user to check what meals have been added beforehand

  • The website did not provide significant feedback to the users

  • The site is incomplete and the glucose functions that the diabetic user would need are not supported

Usability research methods
Usability Research Methods activities

  • Two Iterations of Usability Testing

  • 12 users in total

    • 8 users for first iteration

    • 4 users for second iteration (two returners)

    • At least 1 Diabetes Patient per iteration

  •  Target User

    • Type 2 Diabetes Patients (Primary)

    • Dieters

    • Nutrition/Health Enthusiasts

  • 30-40 minutes

  • Background Questionnaire

  • Pre-Test Interview

  • "Think Aloud" Testing

  • Post Test Interviews

Pre test interview
Pre-Test Interview activities

  • Initial impressions of the interface

  • Expectations from the options on the website

  • Is the terminology understandable?

  • Rate the ease of use based on initial impressions

Think aloud testing
"Think Aloud" Testing activities

  • Hardware/Software:

    • Laptop

    • Screen capture software

    • Microphone

    • Webcam to capture facial expressions

  •  Present various scenarios for the user to complete

    • Between 5 and 10 scenarios 

    • Always the same set of scenarios for each user

Tasks activities

  • Meals

    • Create a meal with items: new item, search DB items, find info, create new quantity

    • Create a meal with text description

    • Search an existing meal

    • Edit a meal

    • Delete a meal

  • Activities

    • Create an activity

    • Search existing activities

    • Edit activity

    • Delete an activity

  • Glucose

    • Add Glucose

    • Edit a Glucose entry

    • Delete a Glucose entry

  • Review Diary

    • Add a new guide

    • Edit the guide

    • Review data from a specific date

  • Search - TBD

Post test interview
Post-Test Interview activities

  • System Usability Scale

    (Sample question will not actually be used, only the format will.)

  • Follow up questions about observations made during the "think aloud" testing phase

Contacting users
Contacting Users activities

  • Recruiting through word of mouth

    • Close friends who are within the target user group

  • Flyers for volunteers

    • Only if necessary

  • Provide incentives in the form of Starbucks gift cards.

Project timeline

Week 2: activities

Initial Heuristic Analysis - Everyone

Brief Usability Protocol - Everyone

Look over CSS code - Thanh and Warren

Week 3: 

Heuristic Analysis Document - Muhammad and Warren

Usability Protocol - Christine

CSS Documentation - Thanh and Warren

Week 4:

Initial Presentation (4/20)

Iterate Usability Protocol - Christine

Interim Heuristic Analysis 2.0 - Muhammad

Recruiting - Muhammad and Christine

Week 5:

Usability Testing - Everyone

Recruit for Round Two

Week 6:

Implement of Changes - Client

Analyze Data - Everyone

Redoing Usability Protocol - Christine

Preparing for 2nd Round of Testing

Week 7:

Interim Presentation (5/9)

Usability Testing Round Two- Everyone

Week 8:

Final Implementation of Changes - Client

CHI Presenation - Client

Week 9:


Week 10:

Final Presentation (5/30)

Project Timeline

Thank you

Thank You!  activities