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Agenda. TELES NGN Overview Class 4 Solution Overview Class 4 Applications Solution Components Summary. TELES NGN Overview. TELES provides an advanced NGN solution including: Class 4 & Class 5 softswitches Media Gateways, Media Server and SBCs Comprehensive System Management solution

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  • TELES NGN Overview

  • Class 4 Solution Overview

  • Class 4 Applications

  • Solution Components

  • Summary

Teles ngn overview
TELES NGN Overview

  • TELES provides an advanced NGN solution including:

    • Class 4 & Class 5 softswitches

    • Media Gateways, Media Server and SBCs

    • Comprehensive System Management solution

  • TELES NGN solution addresses the service provider requirements and offers an integrated suite of applications

  • TELES NGN solution is composed out of carrier grade and scalable platforms

Teles ngn overview1

TELES Class 4


TELES NGN Overview


Multi-national signaling support

Multi protocol support

Centralized routing

Centralized configuration

Long distance international call termination
Long Distance – International Call Termination

  • Multi-national signaling support

  • Multi protocol support

  • Any-to-any network interworking

  • Allows interconnection of existing VoIP gateways

  • For any size of network: small to large scale

Ngn tdm breakout
NGN TDM Breakout

  • Enables circuit/packet conversion featuring highest voice quality

    • Echo cancellation

    • T.38 Fax, low bitrate codecs

    • modem detection

    • Silence suppression

  • Seamless feature integration with TDM networks

    • Transcoding

    • Tone Generation/Detection

    • Number Portability

    • Number Manipulation

    • CDR Generation

Solution components1
Solution components

  • Standard based, high performance Class 4 Softswitch

  • Supports all major signaling protocols: SIP, SIP-I/T, H.323, H.248, MGCP, SIGTRAN, SS7

  • Widely deployed multi-national SS7 solution supporting ITU-T & ANSI standards

  • Supports high calls-per-second applications

  • Carrier-grade reliability

  • Geographically distributed redundancy

  • NEBS3 certified standard server platform

  • Advanced programmable routing service

Media Gateway Controller

Solution components2
Solution components

  • TELES MGC Compact

    • High availability, redundant configuration

    • Supports up to 360,000 BHCA

    • Up to 15,000 concurrent calls

  • TELES MGC Cluster

    • High availability 99.999%

    • Geographically distributed redundancy

    • Supports up to 10,000,000 BHCA

    • Up to 175,000 concurrent calls

MGC Configurations

Solution components3
Solution components

  • Independent scalable function elements

    • Separation of Call control and protocol entities into Cluster Element

    • Load sharing, scaling and high availability handled by arrays of Cluster Elements

  • High performance and CPS - driven services

    • Best suited for high peak loads and short call duration applications and networks

  • Scalability

    • Cluster elements can be scaled independently andgeographically distributed

    • Suited for large scale global deployments

  • Carrier Class resilience

    • Cluster inherent redundancy

    • Geographical distributed redundancy

MGC Cluster

Solution components4
Solution components

MGC Specification

  • Supported Protocols

    • SIP, SIP-I/T, H.323, MGCP, H.248 / MEGACO


    • International ETSI & ANSI SS7, more than 40 national SS7 variants

  • Routing policies

    • Policy-based call routing

      • Destination/Originating party, Peering partner, bearer service

    • Advanced, intelligent call routing

      • Complex routing rules, Multi-level routing, Least cost routing

  • Advanced Features

    • RADIUS Interface for external Applications

    • Fax and modem detection and transport

    • Dial-In support for Universal Port Gateways (Cisco)

    • Enhanced billing records (CDRs) and RADIUS accounting

Solution components5
Solution components

  • Advanced GUI based Element Management System

    • Provides powerful tools to manage TELES.MGC

    • Allows easy to use system provisioning

    • Enables End-to-End network troubleshooting

      and diagnostics

    • Remote Access simplifies network

      operations management

    • Allows policy based multi user


    • SNMP support

    • Reduces time & effort usually required to manage next generation networks

MGC System Management

Solution components6
Solution components

Media Gateway Controller System Management

Solution components7
Solution Components

  • Best-of-breed media gateway functionality featuring highest voice quality

  • Provides signaling and media gateway capabilities

  • Supports 60 to 18,000 VoIP/LBR/AMR channels

  • E1/T1, DS3 and STM1/OC3 interfaces supported

  • Deploy globally with a rich PSTN interface and signaling offering

  • NEBS Level 3 certified

Media Gateways

Solution components8
Solution Components

  • Provides seamless signaling between IP and TDM networks

  • Supports SIGTRAN, SCTP, M2UA, M3UA, MTP2, MTP3

  • Wide range of national SS7 certificates enables easy migration to large-scale global NGN deployments

  • Leverages existing investment in SS7 networks and allows seamless migration to next generation services and applications

  • Suited for large signaling networks

Signaling Gateway

Solution components9
Solution Components

  • Provides centralized network route management and enables sophisticated routing

  • Extends the Media Gateway Controller

    • Dynamic Route Modifications

    • Number Portability

    • Black & White lists

    • Percentage based routing

    • Graphical Reporting

    • Call Statistics

Advanced Class 4 Routing Server

Solution components10
Solution Components

Lawful Intercept Server

Standard compliant Lawful Intercept Server for the TELES Class 4 NGN solution

Interfaces for HI1, HI2 and HI3

Supports up to 200 simultaneous interceptions

Complies to ETSI TISPAN and CALEA* standards


Solution components11
Solution Components

Announcement Server

  • Scalable IP-based Announcement Server

  • Cost effective way to play up to 500 concurrent announcements

  • On-the-fly announcement change and dynamic codec negotiation

  • Standard based SIP control

  • Up to 100 calls per second

  • SNMP alarm and monitor support

  • Browser-based configuration

Solution components12
Solution Components

  • Mediation and aggregation of call details records (CDR)

  • Different output streams for multiple billing targets

  • Versatile preprocessing and normalization

  • High CDR throughput

  • Browser-based configuration

CDR Mediation Server


  • Standard based, high performance & scalable NGN solution

  • Supports all major signaling protocols

  • Widely deployed multi-national SS7 solution

  • NEBS3 certified standard server platform

  • Geographical redundancy

  • Carrier Class availability

  • Comprehensive System Management Capabilities

  • Lower OPEX and CAPEX expenses


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