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Importing (Parsing) MS-Word Quizzes into TurningPoint *S&Rs

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Importing (Parsing) MS-Word Quizzes into TurningPoint *S&Rs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Importing (Parsing) MS-Word Quizzes into TurningPoint *S&Rs. Gerald Bergtrom, Ph.D. Learning Technology Center University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee October 2005 Edited by Tanya Joosten, Alan Aycock, Susan Gifford. * Stem & Response , or ‘question’ & response. In this tutorial you will:.

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Importing (Parsing) MS-Word Quizzes into TurningPoint *S&Rs

Gerald Bergtrom, Ph.D.Learning Technology CenterUniversity of Wisconsin – MilwaukeeOctober 2005

Edited by Tanya Joosten, Alan Aycock,Susan Gifford

* Stem & Response, or ‘question’ & response


In this tutorial you will:

Format an MS-Word Stem & Response (S&R) list for import into TurningPoint

Import the MS-Word S&R list into TurningPoint using the Parse command in Tools on the Turning Point toolbar

Edit imported questions as needed


Parsing is TurningPoint’s term for segregating

  • parts of a word processing document into
  • stems and responses that will be correctly
  • recognized during an import into TurningPoint.
  • This tutorial assumes you are typing your S&Rs
  • directly into MS-Word.
  • If you already have an MS-Word document full
  • of S&Rs, you will need to reformat to match the
  • one created here before Parsing.

Now begin typing your S&R items, as in this example. When you are done, define all stems (questions) as heading 1, and all answers as Heading 2.


Repeat for all stems/questions and answer options. Don’t forget to save your Word document!

These questions are ready to be imported into a TurningPoint presentation.


Answer this prompt as you desire. We’ll click Yes, so that the imported (parsed) slides follow…


You might want to reformat this slide e.g., to make all of the response options ‘one-liners’!


Final Notes on Parsing

Questions in MS-Word can be tagged for import as demographic, with correct answer indicated or other identifiers.

Test bank .XML files from publishers can be converted (imported) to TurningPoint using parser.

Check the TP instruction manual or contact the LTC for help.