Professor stephanie fahey deputy vice chancellor international monash university
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Professor Stephanie Fahey Deputy Vice Chancellor (International) Monash University. Education Diasporas: A case study of Monash University and Malaysia. Outline. Introduction Definition Monash-Malaysian relations Colombo Plan Private full fee paying places Malaysians in Australia

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Professor stephanie fahey deputy vice chancellor international monash university

Professor Stephanie FaheyDeputy Vice Chancellor (International)Monash University

Education Diasporas: A case study of Monash University and Malaysia




Monash-Malaysian relations

  • Colombo Plan

  • Private full fee paying places

  • Malaysians in Australia

    Monash University in Malaysia

  • Historical

  • Establishment of university

    Profile of MUSC

    Government response to MU

Educational diaspora
Educational Diaspora


Education diaspora refer to students and their families who have moved between countries for educational purposes and have remained in the host country but have maintained links with their home country.

increased in recent years as global ‘war for talent’ has impacted immigration programs

intensity of communication increased

Patterns starting to shift

Definition of educational diaspora
Definition of Educational Diaspora

  • Educational diasporas come about as result of movements of people seeking education in foreign countries. Different meaning from alumni

  • Shared characteristics:



    customs and dress

    social networks in their professional life

    share information

Malaysian students at Monash (early years)

Students under the Colombo Plan at Monash

  • Malaysians as the largest single group

  • Engineering and Science students

  • Social Sciences at

    Centre of Southeast Asian Studies

  • Malaysian students at monash early years
    Malaysian students at Monash (early years)

    Private full fee paying students

    Malaysia’s New Economic Policy (1971):

    Enrolment quotas

    Privileged Malays

    Limited access to local education for Chinese and

    Indian Malaysians

    Outflow of students from Malaysia

    Outflow of US $ 800 million (1995)

    Malaysians at monash in australia
    Malaysians at Monash in Australia

    • largest single group of overseas enrolments in Monash’s first decade

    • over 10,000 Malaysian Monash alumni

    • highly educated and talented group who were able to make an immediate contribution to the economy

    • in 2007, Malaysian students remain the number one source of Monash’s international students at 4,512 followed by China at 3,088 (excluding Taiwan)

    • those who remain in Australia are mainly Chinese and Indian ancestry

    • Increased frequency communication due to affordability of communication technologies

    Establishing monash in malaysia
    Establishing Monash in Malaysia

    Historical development

    • Education as a commodity

    • Twinning programs

    • Establishment of a campus

    Establishing monash in malaysia1
    Establishing Monash in Malaysia

    ‘to genuinely engage in the region’

    to have:

    ‘a truly international campus that was not geographically bound

    to Australia’

    to build relationship that:

    ‘cannot be built on trade alone, and on the cult of ‘short-termism’

    that characterizes so much of our thinking. Trust is all important

    and it is based on long term relationships’

    Professor Mal Logan

    Vice Chancellor of Monash University (1987-1996)

    Changes in higher education law
    Changes in Higher Education Law

    Private Higher Education Act (1996)

    Oversees universities allowed to establish campuses in Malaysia

    Invitation for Monash University

    Contribution of malaysian diaspora
    Contribution of Malaysian Diaspora

    Personal connections:

    Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr) Jeffrey Cheah studied in Australia

    founder of Sunway Group

    K.Y. Chin

    Monash University alumnus

    links between Monash and Sunway Group

    Research at sunway campus
    Research at Sunway Campus


    Medicine and Health

    Economic and Business Modelling

    Islamic Studies


    Electronic test technology


    Brain Research Institute (BRIMS)

    Innovation Research Centre

    Monash University Accident Research Centre

    Operation at sunway campus
    Operation at Sunway Campus

    • Consistent quality across network

    • Some courses imported into Australia – Islamic banking

    • Staff members of Monash faculties in Australia

    • high degree of corporate knowledge about Malaysia

    • students from Monash in Australia are travelling to Malaysia

    The brain drain for malaysia
    The ‘Brain Drain’ for Malaysia

    …attempts of foreign universities ‘to lure Malaysian students

    were tantamount to poaching’

    ( Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, PM, 2004)

    ‘It costs the government a lot of money to send our students overseas…. [Those countries] should pay [Malaysia] for having taken away our graduates since, by right, the graduates’ training and knowledge should be called intellectual property’

    (Mahatir Monamad, former PM, 2004)

    Reversing brain drain
    Reversing ‘Brain Drain’

    Lure expatriate Malaysian Diaspora

    ‘Brain Gain’ scheme with incentives

    Met with little success

    Criticised for being discriminatory

    Reduce number of outgoing students

    Improvement of local higher education capacity

    Increase of private institutions (incl. foreign universities)

    No financial support for private universities

    Increase number of incoming international students

    Monash commitment in malaysia
    Monash Commitment in Malaysia


    Support for Malaysia’s ‘MyBrain 15’ plan

    Direct dual-campus and split PhD option

    Development of research centres


    Student exchange

    Short study tours and internships

    Bachelor of Arts (Global)

    Attract best international researchers


    Monash commitment in malaysia1
    Monash Commitment in Malaysia


    Prof. Shamsul Amri Baharrudin

    Director, Institute of Malay World and Civilisation

    Lim Guan Eng

    Secretary General of the democratic Action Party

    Datuk Dr Michael Yeoh

    Chief Executive Officer of Asia Strategy Leadership Institute

    Datuk Dr Kamal Salih

    Prof Asma Abdullah

    Datuk Jeffrey Ng


    Monash University Sunway Campus

    Supports Malaysia’s aspirations

    Contributes to reducing the ‘Brain Drain’

    Engages with wider Malaysian community

    Produces future generation of leaders

    Professor stephanie fahey deputy vice chancellor international

    Professor Stephanie FaheyDeputy Vice Chancellor (International)

    Educational Diaspora:

    Monash University in Malaysia