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Green Impact. Jess Cordy Sustainable Development Placement Charlotte Taylor Green Impact Project Officer. Project Cycle. Teams implement changes October-February. * Workbook amends and initial audits August-October. Workbook launch and team recruitment September-October. Celebration

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Green Impact

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Green impact

Green Impact

Jess Cordy

Sustainable Development Placement

Charlotte Taylor

Green Impact Project Officer

Project cycle

Project Cycle

Teams implement changes


* Workbook amends and

initial audits


Workbook launch and team recruitment




Workbook Submission and Audits




University of leeds take 2

University of Leeds…take 2



Green impact criteria categories

Green Impact Criteria categories

  • Biodiversity and the Community

  • Greening Teams, Action Plans and Communications

  • Electricity/Energy

  • Heating

  • Procurement

  • Travel

  • Waste- Recycling, Reusing, Reducing

  • Water

Continued development

Continued development…

Getting started with bronze and silver

Getting started with Bronze and Silver

Challenge: What are the ‘quick wins’ with maximum impact?

How would you implement these?

What are the challenges you may face

What are the challenges you may face?

Green impact

B017: Department has identified, ranked and documented what it believes are its five most significant environmental impacts, and identified steps to reduce these.

Your environmental impacts

Your environmental impacts

  • Surroundings in which an organisation operates

  • Includes air, water, land, national resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelation

  • Surroundings in this context extend from within an organisation to the global system

Impacts and aspects

Impacts and aspects

Environmental Aspect

  • any element of an organisation’s activities, products or services, that can interact with the environment.

Environmental impact

  • any change to the

    environment, whether

    adverse or beneficial,

    wholly or partially

    resulting from an

    organisations activities,

    products or services

Example impacts and aspects

Example: Impacts and aspects

Impact: contributes to global warming

Aspect: Use of printer

Impact: use of fossil fuels: burden on earths resources


Printing agendas for meetings

Aspect: Use of paper

Impact: Deforestation



Identifying your own environmental aspects and impacts.

  • Brainstorm your activities

  • What environmental aspects are associated with these?

  • What are the environmental impacts of this?

  • Identify the significance of each impact:

    • Intensity

    • Likelihood

General consideration


  • Direct or indirect

  • Real or perceived

  • Occur under normal operating conditions

  • Occur under abnormal operating conditions

  • Due to accident

  • Due to incident (eg vandalism)

  • Due to past (or future) activities

How can the lead environmental contacts support the green impact teams

How can the lead environmental contacts support the Green Impact teams?

  • Support team leaders to find teams

  • University-wide communications

  • Link between departments

  • Secure line manager’s approval- with your help

  • Launch events, workshops, extravagant awards ceremony…

    Jess Cordy:

Green impact

How can the Green Impact Project Officer support Green Impact teams?

  • Support the Lead Environmental Contact support you

  • Provide you with national statistics/ communications

  • Help finalise the workbook

  • Provide detailed feedback for University and individual teams

  • Lead workshops and provide support whenever you ask it

  • Charlotte Taylor:

Contact details

Contact details

Your Green Impact Project Officer:

Charlotte Taylor

07817 010 044

Green Impact Project Manager:

Jo Kemp

07818 592813

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