Thermal treatment of sewage sludge
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Thermal treatment of sewage sludge PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thermal treatment of sewage sludge. Petr Leitner 3rd generation fluid reactors EUROFERT s.r.o. genesis.

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Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

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Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Petr Leitner

3rd generation fluidreactorsEUROFERT s.r.o.



We have accumulated our experience with sewage sludge thermal treatment over the course of the last 40 years. In recent years we provided the first two realizations in Czech Republic. This has proved to be an excellent source of valuable information and it has allowed us to gain practical knowledge of the latest technologies. Thus we are now ready to introduce you to the modern technology which is far more efficient than the current technologies provided by the competition.

Why thermal treatment

Why thermal treatment?

The amount of sewage sludge still increases, partly due to an increase in efficiency of wastewater treatment and partly due to the expansion of sewerage networks.

Why thermal treatment1

Why thermal treatment?

The current ways of sludge treatment, i.e. landfill or its application to soil, is no longer bearable. We cannot damage the environment with toxins, namely with heavy metals and introduce them into the food chain.

Why thermal treatment2

Why thermal treatment?

Thermal treatment (further referred to as TT) directly at locations of sludge generation, i.e. directly within the premises of sewerage plants, is the best way to deal with the sludge problem. It will reduce the costof sludge transportation by ca 90%. In most cases ash matter, unlike sludge, is not considered to be hazardous waste.

Why thermal treatment3

Why thermal treatment?

Digested and undigested sludge can be processed in our fluid reactors. This considerably lowers the investment costs when building new sewerage plants or the reconstruction of the sewerage plant cogeneration units can be omitted.

Today the question is not whether to incinerate or not but how

Today the question is not whether to incinerate or not, but HOW?

……..we know the answer, the fluid reactors

Eurofert Mk. 3……….

3rd generation of sludge fluid incinerator

3rd generation of sludge fluid incinerator

  • Output from 0,5T/hour and more, (dry.22-28%)

  • Minimum auxiliary fuel consumption (natural gas/biogas) at optimum conditions under 15m3/T of sludge

  • Minimum power consumption

  • Automatic operation with minimum operation requirements

  • Combustion products dryer with sorbent circulation lowers the costs of the amount of sorbent at the same time with high level of emission cleanness.

  • Easy transportation, assembly and repairability due to modular design, worldwide applicability

  • Can also be used for industrial sludge

Fluid incinerator

Fluid incinerator

Eqv. 100 000 inhabitants 1T/hour

Inputs and outputs


  • Input: digested/undigested sewage sludge, dry matter from 22 to ca. 28%

  • Co-combustion: rakings, biomass (after treatment)

  • Output: ash matter with used sorbents, powder consistency, ca. 12-15% of the original amount of sludge

  • Can be used to generate heat for the sewerage plant



The entire TT technology is located inside a small light type prefab building , the building is ventilated and thermally insulated. In case of a temporary interruption of operation during winter season the technology is tempered.

The technology is placed on a load bearing structure with platforms.

The reactor design takes full advantage of modern materials and the potential of the current MAR systems

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Eurofert Fluid Incinerator MK3: internal arrangement……design 3D modeling is common nowadays…… made by Eurofert ENG s.r.o.

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Fluid reactor, Its HI-Tech parts is the fluid grate… …the technology is trademarked and is the property of Eurofert ENG s.r.o. Co.

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

High design and manufacturing quality is the key to success… …work on the reactor isolations…Eurofert ENG s.r.o.

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Reactor installation to platforms…. Modern technology allows unit weight reduction up to 12x while retaining the same power output, the “in block” type of assembly halves the assembly time while maintaining high quality… …made by Eurofert ENG s.r.o.

Utility boiler recuperator fluid reactor rakings and sludge management eurofert s r o

Utility boiler, recuperator, fluid reactor, rakings and sludge management……. EUROFERT s.r.o.

Thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Ash matter is separated from the combustion products in a filter and only cleaned combustion products leave the smokestack, which with a reserve meet the emission limits….. EUROFERT s.r.o.

Our services


Study elaboration/evaluation for a given location and power output

Document elaboration for territorial proceedings, SP etc…

Complete project documentation elaboration

Turnkey incinerator delivery

Tests, test operation commissioning, training of operators

Complete warranty and post-warranty service


T hank you for your attention we know that we have the future in our hands

Thank you for yourattention,…we know that we have the future in our hands…


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