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Welcome to Xiang’ an ! 翔安校区欢迎您! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Xiang’ an ! 翔安校区欢迎您!. Important Hints 重要提示 Selected from "A Handbook for Overseas Students of Xiamen University". Student Affair Section 学生事务科 OEC Office Building RM. B207, Tel: 2187478,2187728, 2187707. Ms. Liu Wan y u 刘婉玉: in charge of OEC student affairs . Tel: 2187478

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Welcome to Xiang’ an ! 翔安校区欢迎您!

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Welcome to xiang an

Welcome to Xiang’ an!翔安校区欢迎您!

Important hints selected from a handbook for overseas students of xiamen university

Important Hints重要提示Selected from "A Handbook for Overseas Students of Xiamen University"

Student affair section oec office building rm b207 tel 2187478 2187728 2187707

Student Affair Section学生事务科OEC Office Building RM. B207, Tel: 2187478,2187728, 2187707

Ms. LiuWanyu 刘婉玉:in charge of OEC student affairs.

Tel: 2187478


E-mail: grace@xmu.edu.cn

Advisors for student everyday life such as traveling, visa, accommodation, food, student attendance and student activity etc.生活咨询、考勤、学生活动

Mr. Chen Yixin 陈艺新:E-mail: chenyixin@xmu.edu.cn

Ms. GuanLiwen 关丽文: E-mail: lwguan@xmu.edu.cn

Teaching affairs oec office building rm b207 tel 2187728 2187707

Teaching affairs 教学事务OEC Office Building RM. B207, Tel: 2187728, 2187707

  • Ms. Li Yanghui 李洋慧: secretary of teaching affairs of Chinese language regarding curriculum, courses, teachers, exams, grades, transcripts, HSK test, etc.华文系教学秘书

    E-mail: jenny@xmu.edu.cn

  • Ms. Wang Bihua王碧华: secretary of teaching affairs of postgraduate programs研究生教学秘书

    E-mail: wangbh@xmu.edu.cn

  • Ms. Hong Ling 洪玲: secretary of teaching affairs of distance education 远程课程教学秘书

    E-mail: hongling@xmu.edu.cn

Admissions section oec office building b206 2

Admissions Section 招生科OEC Office Building B206-2

  • Mr.Jiang Yuta 蒋玉塔 (Eric)

  • Ms. Ding Luyan 丁鹭燕 (Christine)

  • Mr. Wang Zhaoyuan 王赵远 (Joey)

    Tel: 2186211, 2182451

    E-mail: oec@xmu.edu.cn

    1. application for study 入学申请

    2. admissions notice and visa application form (JW202) for visa extension 获取录取通知书和签证申请表(202表)

    Please inform us at least in one month advance if you need new JW202 for your visa extension, for it takes about 3 weeks to apply for a new JW202.


Student visa x visa

Student Visa 学生签证 (X visa)

X1 visa: student visa

Students holding an X1 visa must apply for the residencepermit within 30 days after entering China.


X2 visa: for short term study, e.g. valid for 180 days

Please refer to the visa instruction sheet in the new student package that you received after finishing registration.


Class attendance

Class Attendance上课出勤

  • Attend the class on time.


  • For a leave request, please come to Rm. B207 to take an application form, fill it and get the teacher’s approval with signature, then return it to B207.


  • You willnot be permitted to take the final examinationand will be rejected from registration in the next semester if the absent rate of the courseexceeds 40%.


Riding on campus

Riding on campus 校内骑车

Students are prohibited from riding motorcyclesor electronic bicycles or fix-geared bikes on campus.


Most of the students here have a bicycle.


To drive a car on campus: student parking card, consult Mr. Chen in Office B207


Changes in personal information

Changes in personal information个人信息更改

  • passport number 护照号码

  • Email 电子邮件

  • Address 住址

  • Mobile number 手机号码

    Please inform us timely of the changes in the items above so as to stay in contact with the university and also to receive the latest information from the college.

    You may also change it on the college website:



Telephone numbers xiang an campus

Telephone numbers Xiang’an Campus 翔安校区电话号码

  • Campus office 校区值班室, 2886110

  • Security office 保卫办, 2888110

  • Medical service 医务室, 2886120

  • Psychological consultation 心理咨询, 2886525

  • Student affair center学生事务大厅, 主楼群1号楼C105室, 2886250

  • Finance office 财务办, 主楼群1号楼C101室, 2886217, 2886219

  • Library & E-card office 主楼群3号楼, 2886616

  • Logistics 后勤服务 2887110

  • Dormitory management 公寓管理,南安1号楼203室, 2888108

  • Water & electricity 水电服务, 南安1号楼211室, 2886115, 2886116

  • Cafeteria 餐饮服务,竞丰餐厅二楼, 2888109

Emergency calls

Emergency calls 紧急电话号码

  • Fire 火警: 119

  • Police 警察: 110, 2510110

  • Emergency Ambulance 救护车: 120

  • Telephone Directory 电话号码查询: 114

Physical e xamination reminding

Physical ExaminationReminding 身体检查提醒

  • Take the university bus to Xiamen Quarantine Bureau


  • Please gather in front of Fengting cafeteria at 7:50 a.m. Sept. ***th.


  • Passport, 4 two-inch photos, 700RMB, no breakfast


  • "To go or not to go", please consult Mr. Chen Shaorong in B207


Thank you

Thank you! 谢谢!

More information available at:


Admissions & Student Affair Section

Tel: 2186211, 2182451, 2187728, 2187707

E-mail: oec@xmu.edu.cn

Web: http://oec.xmu.edu.cn

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