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RoboCup Junior

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RoboCup Junior. July 2-8 th , 2007 Atlanta, Georgia Georgia Institute of Technology. What is RoboCup Junior?. A project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional, and international robotic events for young students up through age 19. The focus is on education.

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robocup junior

RoboCup Junior

July 2-8th, 2007

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology

what is robocup junior
What is RoboCup Junior?
  • A project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional, and international robotic events for young students up through age 19.
  • The focus is on education.
  • It provides an exciting introduction to the field of robotics.
  • It began in 1998 as a demonstration with the RoboCup in Paris.
  • The first RoboCup Junior Tournament was held in Melbourne, Australia in 2000. There were 25 teams from 3 countries
  • In 2006, there were 240 teams selected from 22 countries held in Bremen, Germany.
background continued
Background Continued
  • RoboCup Junior is a new way to develop technical abilities through hands-on experiences with electronics, hardware and software, and highly motivating opportunity to learn about teamwork while sharing technology with friends.
why robocup junior stands apart
Why RoboCup Junior Stands Apart
  • It is focused more on education than on competition.
  • The challenges remain the same from year to year to provide a scaffolding learning environment.
  • The challenges – soccer, rescue, and dance- are familiar; spectators can watch and understand without needing explanation of complicated rules.
standing apart continued
Standing Apart Continued
  • It delves more deeply into computer science and programming do to its emphasis on autonomous robots.
  • It sits at the entry level of the international RoboCup initiative, which is strongly committed to education and involvement of young people in technology.
  • RoboCup Junior offers several challenges:
    • Soccer: 2 on 2 teams of robots play games with an electronic ball in an enclosed field
    • Rescue : Robots race to identify victims lost in re-created disaster scenarios.
    • Dance: One or more robots wear costumes and move creatively to music.
  • For the soccer challenge, you must use an electronic soccer ball which emits infra-red light and greyscale mat which covers the floor of the soccer field.
  • 2-on-2 teams of autonomous mobile robots play in a highly dynamic environment, tracking a special light-emitting ball in an enclosed, landmarked field.
  • Robots identify victims within a re-created disaster scenarios
  • The scenarios vary in complexity from line-following on a flat surface tonegotiating paths through obstacles on uneven terrain
  • One or more robots come together with music, dressed in costume and moving in creative harmony
  • Points are added for creativity and if the human partner is dressed in costume and dancing with the robot.
get involved
Get Involved
  • How to get involved:
    • Find Mrs. Wilson (room 802) or Ms. Fox (room 107) to get more details and put your teams together.
    • We would like a couple teams to compete this year from CEC.
    • Decide what type of robot your team wants to build (Dance, Soccer or Rescue).
    • Have fun building your robot.
more information
More Information
  • Visit the RoboCup Junior website for more details on how to form teams, specific rules for each challenge, and event information.
  • RoboCup 2007 Website
  • Mailing List
  • February 10th (10:00am - 4:30pm) at Georgia Tech an informational workshop