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presents…. Ustec iLAN Home Network Training. Agenda. UStec iLAN Series iLAN Packages. What is iLAN?. Residential Gateway Provides connectivity for phone, cable and satellite services, safety cameras, PCs and peripherals …and more.

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Ustec iLAN Home Network Training

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Ustec iLAN Home Network Training



  • UStec iLAN Series

  • iLAN Packages

What is ilan

What is iLAN?

Residential Gateway

  • Provides connectivity for phone, cable and satellite services, safety cameras, PCs and peripherals …and more.

  • Simplifies setting up video (TV, VCR, DVD), home office, phone, computer networking, security and related applications.

  • High quality components ensure reliability and maximum bandwidth.

  • Able to integrate home automation technologies.

Ilan enables the customer to

iLAN Enables the Customer to:

  • View video (VCR/DVD) programs anywhere in the home from one shared player.

  • Connect to a cable or satellite service provider for hundreds of programming selections.

  • Enjoy frustration-free, high speed Internet access.

  • Set up an in-home computer network and share peripherals (printer, fax, modem).

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that safety cameras provide.

Enhances resale value

Enhances Resale Value

  • UStec systems handle both the current and future applications homeowners want.

  • 15 Year Cabling Performance Warranty

    • Cable runs are protected by a 15 Year Cabling Performance Warranty when the network is installed by a UStec certified installer using end-to-end UStec components.

    • Transferable to the new owner.

Ilan network elements

iLAN Network Elements

  • Cables

  • tecPorts

  • iLAN Server

Tecwire maximum bandwidth cable

tecWire MaximumBandwidth Cable

Computer Networking

VCRs, DVDs, Cameras


2x2 tecWire:


Category 5e UTP cable

RG6 coaxial cable



  • Installed on room end of cable run

  • Category 5E phone and data jacks

  • High performance coaxial cable connectors

Ilan server

Cable modem in Modem Holster

Phoneand data connections

Coaxial cable connections

iLAN800 with cable modem

iLAN Server

Ilan servers

iLAN Servers







Ustec home network packages

UStec Home Network Packages

  • tecReady

  • iLAN Standard

  • iLAN Extra

  • iLAN Elite

  • Same Pre-wire Cabling package provides maximum performance and ease of upgrade:

    • 2x2 tecWire-Rooms and service

    • Satellite-RG6 TriShield (bundle of 6)

    • Camera-RG6 TriShield

Tecready series

tecReady Series

  • tecReady 400

  • tecReady 800

  • tecReady 1600

  • Provides:

    • Cable TV

    • Phone distribution

Ilan series

iLAN Series

  • Best TV picture quality.

  • Ethernet computer networking.

    • share one printer, scanner, etc. among up to four computers.

    • 10/100Mbps Auto Sensing Ethernet Switches.

  • Built-in interface for broadband cable and DSL modems or other home gateway devices.

  • Clear, interference-free phone reception and faster fax and modem operation.

Ilan extra accessory package

iLan Extra Accessory Package

  • Upgrade Level 1

  • Delivers the same benefits as the iLAN Standard, plus…

    • One black and white security camera

    • Single channel modulator for viewing VCR or DVD throughout home.

    • tecFlex Line Chooserto access all home phone lines from tecPort

Ilan elite accessory package

iLAN Elite Accessory Package

Upgrade Level 2

  • Two, color safety cameras providegreater security.

  • More enjoyable VCR and DVD viewing with stereo.

  • Expanded remote control capability – two rooms.

  • Additional phone, fax, modem connections via the additional tecFlex Line Chooser.

  • Satellite TV reception at four locations from one dish.

Covers and locks

Covers and Locks

  • Sleek styling

  • Space-saving design

  • Hinged operation

  • Integral ventilation

  • Optional lock

Ustec systems deliver

UStec Systems Deliver

  • Latest technology

  • Maximum connectivity

  • Maximum entertainment options

  • Home automation ready

Questions please contact

Questions? Please contact:

Western Region

6128 Olympic Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada V6N 1Z9

North America: 888 / 358-4562

Telephone : 604 / 231-1251

Fax : 509 / 479-1097

Email :

Eastern Region

1161 Cyrville Road

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1J 7S6

North America: 888 / 358-4562

Telephone : 613 / 747-0300

Fax : 613 / 747-5447

Email :

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