Tillamook County
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Tillamook County. Gordon McCraw Director Emergency Management. Tillamook County Tsunami Siren Activation Procedures. Tsunami following an earthquake with local ground shaking. Distant Tsunami. Earthquake WITH ground shaking.

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Tillamook County

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Tillamook County

Gordon McCraw


Emergency Management

Tillamook County Tsunami Siren Activation Procedures

  • Tsunami following an earthquake with local ground shaking.

  • Distant Tsunami

Earthquake WITH ground shaking

  • Likely we will have damage to local infrastructure including power, telephone and roads

  • Earthquake is your warning

  • May or may not be associated with Cascadia Subduction Zone Quake

Earthquake WITH ground shaking

  • We recommend people do not wait for “official” notification if they live in/near low-lying coastal communities (inundation zone) before moving inland. Cascadia event gives you approx. 20 minutes to get out of tsunami zone!

  • If earthquake felt, residents should tune into local radio stations and monitor NOAA All-Hazard Radios, and internet if available.

Distant Earthquake Tsunami

Recent events gave valuable lessons

Recent Distant Tsunami Lessons Learned

  • Tsunami Warning Center’s times and locations very accurate, size weak.

  • Extremely distant, non-perpendicular events appear to be minor events on other side of ocean.

  • Advisories mainly cautioning that beach goers and harbors could be effected

Tsunami WarningsNo or little Ground Shaking

  • Likely a large quake in Alaska.

  • Partial Subduction Zone quake

  • Maybe large quake in Japan

Distant Tsunami Notification Procedures

  • 911 activates Pager Tones for all Fire, EMS, and Incident Command Team personnel

  • Broadcast information on above pagers and Fire/Police Radio channels.

  • Sirens Activated according to the following schedule.

Siren Activation Schedule

  • 3 hrs prior

  • 2 hrs prior

  • 1 hr prior

  • 30 min. prior

  • 15 min. prior

  • 3 minutes in duration each time

Other Notification Methods

  • Police and Fire Units

  • Radio (Coast105, KTIL) and other radio and TV stations.

  • Gordon’s Email distribution list.

  • Twitter (www.twitter.com/TillamookCoEM)

  • Facebook (through Coast105 and KTIL)

  • Phone notification lists


  • Same Pager Tones used during Activation

  • Radio, TV, NOAA Radio

  • Scanner, Ham radio

  • City, County, Forest and State Patrol Units

Subduction Zone Major Quake

  • Likely NO Sirens

  • Severe ground shaking is your warning

  • All infrastructure will be effected for weeks/months

  • Many structurally damaged homes, slides, deaths and injuries BEFORE the tsunami even hits.

Tillamook County Emergency Management

Gordon McCraw, Director




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