The bill of rights
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The Bill of Rights PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bill of Rights. The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution of the U.S. F.A.T. S.I.T. J.E.P.S. 1 st Amendment. 5 Freedoms or R.A.P.P.S. Religion Assembly Press Petition Speech. 2 nd Amendment. Arms. The right to carry guns. 3 rd Amendment. Troops.

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The Bill of Rights

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The Bill of Rights

The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution of the U.S.


1st Amendment

5 Freedoms orR.A.P.P.S.

  • Religion

  • Assembly

  • Press

  • Petition

  • Speech

2nd Amendment


The right to carry guns

3rd Amendment


No quartering of troops in homes

4th Amendment

Search and Seizure

Gov’t cannot search or perform a seizure of your personal property without just cause

5th Amendment


Right not to speak if it will self-incriminate AND

Right to due process

6th Amendment


Fair and Speedy (Criminal)

7th Amendment

Jury Trial

Trial by a jury of your peers (civil)

8th Amendment

Excessive Punishment

Protection from excessive and unnecessary punishment

9th Amendment


The people of the U.S. have more rights than those listed

10th Amendment

States’ rights

Laws not listed in the Constitution belong to the individual states

The Civil War Amendments

13th Amendment


Abolishment of slavery in any form

14th Amendment

Equal Rights

Protects the rights of all people. Also called the Equal Protection Clause

15th Amendment

Voting Rights

All male citizens are granted the right to vote

16th Amendment

Income Tax

  • Congress now has the power to collect income tax

  • Takes the power away from political machines

17th Amendment

Direct Election of Senators

  • The people now directly elect senators from their state

  • Takes away power from the political machines

18th Amendment


  • Forbids the consumption, production, possession or distribution of alcohol

  • Overturned in the 21st amendment

19th Amendment

Women’s Suffrage

  • Gives women the right to vote in national elections

20th Amendment

Government Start Date

  • Changes the time newly elected officials take office from March to Jan.

21st Amendment

Repeals Prohibition

  • Stops Prohibition and allows for legal consumption of alcohol.

26th Amendment

Vietnam Amendment

  • 18 year olds get the right to vote.

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