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Brother s equipment ace art 60 25 25 roll off trailer
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Brother’s Equipment Ace ART-60-25* 25’ Roll-Off Trailer . Compared to Truck Mounted Roll-Off Unit & Other Roll-Off Trailer Manufacturers Brother’s Equipment Inc. 1335 E171st Street Cleveland, OH 44110. ART-60-25* Roll-Off Trailer. 1938 Founded by Walter “Ace” Jurek in Cleveland, Ohio

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Brother’s Equipment Ace ART-60-25* 25’ Roll-Off Trailer

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Brother s equipment ace art 60 25 25 roll off trailer

Brother’s Equipment Ace ART-60-25* 25’ Roll-Off Trailer

Compared to Truck Mounted Roll-Off Unit & Other Roll-Off Trailer Manufacturers

Brother’s Equipment Inc.

1335 E171st Street

Cleveland, OH 44110

Art 60 25 roll off trailer

ART-60-25* Roll-Off Trailer

History of ace brother s equipment

  • 1938 Founded by Walter “Ace” Jurek in Cleveland, Ohio

  • 1939 Built Horse Drawn Dump Buggies to Handle Rags

  • 1940 Built First Motor Dump Bodies to Haul Rags

  • 1944 Build Cluster Bombs for WWII

  • 1946 Built Component Parts for Liberty Ships

  • 1948 Built First Dump Trailer

  • 1950 Built Dump Bodies for Construction Industry

  • 1960 Built Double Lugger Hoists

  • 1970 Built Roll Off Units for Scrap Yards in Cleveland

History of “Ace” Brother’s Equipment

1980 1993

  • 1980Andy Jurek Purchases Vulcan Trailer (375,000 sq. ft.) Builds 8 Trailers a day

  • 1984 Built 800 Specialty designed Trailers to transport cruise missile for the US Air Force

  • 1985 Acquired the Heil Solid Waste Line (Transfer Trailers, Compactors, Lugger)

  • 1988 Built First Frameless Roll-Off Trailer

  • 1990 Built Roll-off B-Trains For Major Companies in Canada

  • 1993 Built Largest Roll-Off Trailer Contract for Chemical Industry


1994 present

  • 1994 Built Specialty Compactor Trailers for Miami International Airports

  • 1997 Built Dozens of 150 Ton Dump Trailers for Steel Mills

  • 1998 Built Specialty Roll Off Trailers For Mexican Gov’t to handle over 200,000 lbs GVW

  • 2002 Completed 40 Years of Consecutive Contract Work for the City of New York D.E.P

  • 2005 Purchased 107,000 sq. ft. Production Facility

  • 2006 Build (8) Specialty 100 Ton Dump Trailers to Various Steel Mills

  • 2007Procured Largest Demolition Roll Off Trailer Contract

  • 2010Build First ISO Containers Dump Trailer in The Industry, Over a Dozen Spread between the Hawaiian Islands

1994- Present

Ace products

  • 9 Different Roll Off Trailer Models

  • 10 Models of Lugger Hoists

  • 5 Models of Transfer Trailers

  • 3 Models of Crushed Car Haulers

  • 7 Models of Dump Trailers

  • 6 Designed and Built 150 ton+ Mill Trailers

  • All Manner of Containers, Spreaders, and Dollies

  • Custom Build to Meet Customers Specification

ACE Products


  • Ace is in it’s 4th Generation

    • Andy Jurek has been in the Industry 50+ Years. Has Testified by request in court as expert trailer builder. Since Retired, but still in office every day as an consultant

    • Drew & Jason Jurek, Current Owners have been in the industry for a combined 47 years.

    • Andy’s Grandson & Jason’s Son, Lee Jurek, joined the company in 2012.

  • Ace Appreciates Our Customers, 75% of our sales are done by customer referrals, and repeat business

  • Ace’s Product is in such high demand, Ace has a waiting list for customers looking for used Ace Products

  • Average life of an ACE Product is 20-30 Years

  • Due to High Demand for Ace’s Product, Several of our competitors have tried to purchase an Ace to Copy and have tried to buy out the company


Art 60 25 25 short roll off trailer

Most Durable,

Most Stable,

& Lightest Weight

Short Roll Off Trailer

In the Industry.

ART-60-25* 25’ short Roll-off Trailer


  • Total length of trailer when in “Up Position” is 12’ from Rear axle of Tractor to center of tandem of the trailer. Thus giving the trailer ability to get into areas a truck mounted unit cannot.

  • None of our Competitors can say that about their Trailer or Truck Mounted Unit.


Light more payload

  • Ace’s 25′ Roll-Off Trailer is the Lightest Short Roll-Off Trailer in Industry.

  • 12,000 lbs TARE of Trailer, being 1,500-2,000 lbs lighter than our competition.

  • More payload per haul, thus less trips for same payload.

  • More Fuel Saved=More Money Saved!

  • More Payload per Haul= More Money in Your Pocket!

Light & More Payload

Extra axles available

  • Ace 25′ Trailer is the only Short Roll-Off Trailer that gives you the option of adding more axles. From a Tandem Axle up to a Quad Axle Short Roll-Off Trailer.

  • None Of Our Competitors can offer that

Extra Axles Available

Dual cylinders

  • Ace 25′ Trailer comes standard with dual lift cylinders and dual reeving cylinders.

  • Competitor’s trailers only offer single lift and reeving cylinders, thus making the trailer not as stable nor strong.

Dual Cylinders

Dual lift cylinders

  • Ace’s Trailer is Designed with two telescopic lift cylinders that are inverted and tied together. Making the Trailer extremely stable and strong compared to competitors trailer.

  • Competitors’ & Truck Mounted Hoist Cylinders are mounted on the outside and are independent.

  • Ace’s Trailer above & Competitors' Below

    Less Stable, Any Upset, Trailer & Truck will Tip Over


Dual Lift Cylinders

Dual reeving cylinders

  • Ace Offers Dual Reeving Cylinders Standard on Ace Competitor

  • All Roll Off Trailers. Ace Uses Independent Reeves.

  • No Chance of Jamming, More reliable,

  • Allows cylinders to expand with ease,

  • and equalize the load.

  • Competitors’ use blocked dual reeving cylinders

  • More likely to jam up and can’t expand freely

Dual Reeving Cylinders

50 000 lbs single point spring suspension

  • Strongest Spring Suspension Available, Designed to take rugged off road dumping. Perfect for Land fills and Remote Areas.

  • Doubles as hinge point and Suspension thus less moving parts. Most stable suspension, all eight tires stay on the ground at all times. No areas are off limits. Hinge Point is 22″ off the ground compared to our competitors 44″.

  • Competition uses Cheap Spring Suspension and hinge point is behind the tandem. Making it so the container must be dead lifted much higher thus putting more stress on suspension and cable.

  • Lower Center of Gravity= More Stable and Reliable!

  • Ace Top & Competitors’ Bottom

50,000 lbs Single Point Spring Suspension

Stabilizer frame

  • Using a stabilizer frame compared to a trailer sub frame, lessens the overall weight, lift cylinders gain stability, and trailer nearly impossible to tip over when lifting and dumping.

  • Lessens weight by about 2,000 lbs compared to competitors 25” Trailer

Stabilizer Frame


  • Lift Cylinders and Stabilizer Frame tie together on 5th Wheel Plate and push on 5th Wheel of Tractor.

  • Single Point Suspension is the most stable suspension on the market.

  • Put these three aspects together, you have the Industry’s Most Stable Roll-Trailer.

  • Shorter Trailer, Less Distance Between axles = More Stable!


Cross members

Competitor’s Trailer

Ace’s Trailer

As You Can See

Ace Has Much More Support than the Competition

Cross Members

No stinger tail

  • Our Competition uses a stinger tail to reach the ground,

  • Ace’s Trailers do not. Stinger tails require a cylinder to push out the tail, that cylinder is subject to damage every time a load is picked up.  

  • Once that cylinder is damaged, the trailer is useless until cylinder is replaced.  

  • Ace uses a solid tail that is flush with the ground when in the “Up” position.


Plumbing maintenance

  • Ace uses standard JIC fittings on all hydraulic lines.

  •  Much easier and cheaper to work on than competitors compression fittings.

  • Centralized Plumbing, no hydraulics in rear of trailer.  

  • Ace uses hoses instead of piping, reducing the weight

  • Making maintenance easier and less complicated, and all around cheaper.

  • Competitor has 2 frame straitening bays, Ace has NONE,


Plumbing & Maintenance

Icc bumper

  • Ace’s ICC Bumper Meets All Federal Standards

  • Easy To Use

  • Air Actuated or Gravity


B train

  • Only Trailer Combination on the Market Capable of Running Two live Roll-Off Trailers Together as One

  • Perfect for Long, Heavy Hauls

  • No Pup-Trailers, Not Safe & Expensive

  • Connected by 5th Wheel Plate, More Reliable & Safe Compared to Pintle Hook.

  • Trailers can be Run Independently


Brother s equipment ace art 60 25 25 roll off trailer

  • More Legal Payload

  • Less Overall Cost of Start Up, and Lifetime

  • More Accounts Available

  • Less Maintenance & Down Time

  • Trailer Rarely Goes Down, Power ( Tractor/ Trailer) Main Issue

  • Less Fuel Costs

  • More Maneuverability

  • Less Trips Needed to Haul Same Weight



Cost analysis between ace art 60 25 truck mounted roll off hoist tmroh

Cost Analysis Between Ace ART-60-25* & Truck Mounted Roll Off Hoist(TMROH*)

Fuel saving

Fuel Saving

Legal payload

Legal Payload

Recap of cost and savings

Recap Of Cost and Savings

Notable customers

  • Majority Had Our Competitions Trucks/Trailers and WILL NEVER GO BACK

  • D.H Griffin Demolition & Greensboro, NC

  • Mervis Industries Danville, IL

  • FPT, Detroit, MI

  • LEVY, Dearborn, MI

  • Southern Metals, Wilmington, NC

  • Thompson Trucking, Danville, VA

  • Atlantic Scrap(OmniSource) Kernersville, NC

  • GerdauAmeristeel

  • Cycle Systems(Now GerdauAmeristeel)

  • PSC Metals Mayfield Heights, OH

  • ACME Refining Chicago, IL

Notable Customers

Give us a call or email

  • Toll-Free 800-578-8471

  • Local 216-458-0180

  • Fax 216-458-0330

  • Email:

    Lee Jurek 440-796-4427

Give Us a Call Or Email

Brother s equipment ace art 60 25 25 roll off trailer


Thank you for your interest

Any Questions or Comments, Please Feel Free to Contact Us!

Thank You For Your Interest

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