Fresh Kills Landfill: New York City s Wasteland

Fresh Kills Landfill: New York City s Wasteland PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Race, Poverty and the EnvironmentRaquel Rivera PinderhughesUrban Studies ProgramSan Francisco State UniversitySpring 2004The public has permission to use the material herein, but only if author, course, university, and professor are credited.. . Fresh Kills Landfill: New York City's Wasteland

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Fresh Kills Landfill: New York City s Wasteland

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1. Fresh Kills Landfill: New York City’s Wasteland Stephanie Brown

2. Race, Poverty and the Environment Raquel Rivera Pinderhughes Urban Studies Program San Francisco State University Spring 2004 The public has permission to use the material herein, but only if author, course, university, and professor are credited.

3. Introduction This presentation will focus on the environmental, social and public health impacts of Fresh Kills Landfill. We will begin with a timeline of American waste disposal leading up to the introduction of landfills such as Fresh Kills. We will then examine the statistics of the American waste stream. We will then cover the location of the Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, New York. Next, we will move on to an analysis of the environmental and public health impacts of the landfill on both Staten Island and its residents due to chemicals released into the groundwater, soil, and air. Finally, we will analyze the social impacts incurred by the residents of Staten Island as a result of the Fresh Kills Landfill and the movement that resulted in its closure in 2001.

4. How We Arrived Where We Are Today: A Timeline of American Waste Disposal

5. 1657 New Amsterdam (now Manhattan) passes a law against casting waste in the streets

6. 19th c. Visitors describe New York City as a "nasal disaster, where some streets smell like bad eggs dissolved in ammonia."

7. Timeline continuedTimeline continued

8. Timeline continuedTimeline continued

12. A Product of Our Society: The American Waste Stream Examined

13. The Waste Stream Examined

14. The Waste Stream Examined: Garbage By The Numbers

16. MSW Composition

17. 2000 EPA Estimates of United States MSW Generation

18. 2000 EPA Estimates of Increase in MSW Generation

19. 2000 EPA Estimates on Amount of MSW Incinerated or Landfilled

20. What is a Landfill?

21. How Do Landfills Work?

22. What Type of Landfill is Fresh Kills?

23. What Does a Landfill Look Like?

24. Questions on Solid Waste, Answered by the EPA

25. 2000 EPA Estimates of Landfill Volume

26. Fresh Kills: Outdated, Overflowing, and Dangerous

27. The Location

28. Staten Island

29. The landfill is located within yards of residential, commercial and industrial areas of Staten Island. Staten Island… continued

30. Staten Island Demographics

31. A “Temporary Landfill”

32. From its location on Staten Island, only a short barge ride from New York City, Fresh Kills was an extremely convenient waste disposal alternative for the city.

33. Fresh Kills is Located Only Yards from Residential Neighborhoods

34. The Reality of Fresh Kills

35. A Community Reacts: Neighbors of Fresh Kills

40. Should These Chemicals Cause Concern?

41. These Chemicals Should Cause Concern

43. Chemicals Reach Neighbors of Fresh Kills

44. Landfills Are Dangerous

45. Landfills Are Dangerous

47. Fresh Kills Pollutes Water

48. Fresh Kills Pollutes Water

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