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Living the values
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Living The Values. In Our Daily Lives, Our Values Come Through in Our Interaction With Others. Charity Is the Bond That Holds All of Our Values Together. Service of the Poor. Dedication. Reverence. Creativity. Integrity. Wisdom.

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Living The Values

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Living the values

Living The Values

In our daily lives our values come through in our interaction with others

In Our Daily Lives, Our Values Come Through in Our Interaction With Others

Charity is the bond that holds all of our values together

Charity Is the Bond That Holds All of Our Values Together

Service of the Poor






Hardships in our lives inhibit our ability to give to others fully

Hardships in Our Lives Inhibit Our Ability to Give to Others Fully

Maslow s hierarchy of needs demonstrates this

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Demonstrates This




Love & Belonging: Giving/Receiving/Affection

Safety: security /

Freedom from Fear

Physiological: Shelter/ Hunger /Comfort

In essence we cannot strive towards our maximum potential unless our basic needs are met first

In Essence We Cannot Strive Towards Our Maximum Potential Unless Our Basic Needs Are Met First.

Five minute reflection

Five Minute Reflection

Think about a situation in which someone (including yourself) helped someone who was struggling i.e. a family member, friend, peer, neighbor,or member of your church. Write this down (generically) for discussion with your group.

Reflect on someone you know currently who is struggling; and identify something you can do to assist that person; no matter how big or how small. Write it down. Then fold up your paper, write the word “Dedication” on it, and put it in your pocket or planner.

Break into groups of 4 6 and select one or two of the examples to share with everyone

Break into groups of 4-6 and select one or two of the examples to share with everyone.

System values

System Values

  • Service of the Poor: Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need. (Helping

  • Reverence: Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life

  • Integrity: Inspiring trust through personal leadership

  • Wisdom: Integrating excellence and stewardship

  • Creativity: Courageous innovation

  • Dedication: Affirming the hope and joy of our ministry

Application of system values

Application of System Values

Service of the Poor - helping our afflicted party

Reverence - respecting who that person is in designing our plan

Integrity - designing a plan that is ethical/moral and in tune with ourselves and our afflicted party

Wisdom - drawing on our past experiences, education, afflicted party's experience/education

Creativity - designing a plan unique to ourselves not bound by the limits of precedence/"normalcy"

Dedication - committing to the completion to our plan so that it comes to fruition

Take ownership of your plan and let another s gratefulness be your reward

Take Ownership of Your Plan - and let another’s gratefulness be your reward !

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