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Vastu tips for home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

We have experianced astrologers and team of vastu experts who will cure all your vastu related queries related to home, office and workspace.

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Vastu tips for home

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Vastu tips for home


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Vastu tips for home

Big Vastu

"Big Vastu" presents a revolutionary concept in scientific Vastu of homes and commercial premises’. It provides solutions which are time bound and cost effective. "Big Vastu" works on principles of “No Demolitions.” "Big Vastu" deals with VastuDosha problems which are based on centuries old principles enshrined in “VishwakarmaPrakash.” Our scriptures guide us in a structured manner as to how to construct our homes or how to make structures which are truly Vastu compliant.

It has been observed that a large number of people on this earth face multiple set of problems. These problems emanate from various Astrological problems and Vastu imbalances. But experience has shown that these imbalances can be easily corrected through time tested Upayas from fields of Vedic Astrology and Vastu scriptures.

Vastu tips for home

About BiGVastU

Vastu & JyotishAcharyaaDeepa V Bhambhani

Vastu & JyotishAcharyaaDeepa V Bhambhani is reputed Vedic Astrologer and a Vastu expert. She has vast experience in the field and advises remedies which are cost effective and without any demolitions. As a "Big Vastu" expert she employs 5 step "Big Vastu" methodology to reach solutions which are completely outcome oriented. Through this methodology she does structured diagnosis of problems as to how it impacts human behavior and then suggests suitable remedies. Her remedies ensure the affluence, joy, growth and success in different life domains. She caters to the Vastu needs of high rise building complexes, homes,FACTORIES, offices, educational premises or any other type of personal or commercial establishments.

Vastu tips for home


"Big Vastu" Concepts are broadly based on 5 Step Methodology:

1. Feel of the Premises/Testing of Soil/Testing of Geopathic Stress.

2. Location of Entrance to the Premises

3. 8/16/32 Divisions of Premises as per Principles of “VishwakarmaPrakash”

4. Finding the Elemental Imbalances in Premise

5. Providing time tested Solutions as detailed in Various Ancient Vastu Scriptures

Vastu tips for home

Energies & Geopathic Stress

To understand our lives better, we need to understand theIMPORTANCE of human-space energy matrix. In a sense we all are replica of one or other form of energy. Our joys, sorrows and life achievements depends on our energy balance. At “Big Vastu” we try to understand the compatibility of a person with his/her surroundings and premises. Non-compatibility of energy paradigms can disrupt processes of life and thus gets resulted into miseries and sorrows. “Big Vastu” makes thorough checks of a premises to determine the energy deficiencies in a particular area of premises.

Vastu tips for home

Solution And Remedies

"Big Vastu" offers a wide range of Vastu services and remedies about problems from different life domain i.e. marriage, career, business and finance, debts, diseases, children, education, litigation, loans, sudden gains and foreign based prospects. Dealing with "Big Vastu" would indeed be a delightful and satisfying experience for remedy seekers in various life areas of Homes, offices, factories or commercial establishments..

At "Big Vastu,” we make concerted and conscious efforts to provide customers with outcome oriented solutions which are not just cost effective but also free of any large scale demolitions or relocations. "Big Vastu" would indeed bestow you with a peaceful mind seizing away all your worries and your anxieties by offering the best consultancy and pragmatic easy to follow suggestions / remedies. At "Big Vastu" you can be assured that you will get clarity of mind, healthy cash flows, gains, growth, name and fame, harmony etc..,

Vastu tips for home


Housing Projects



Row Houses




Multi story residential building

Business Premises








Vastu tips for home


" BiGVastU " Team Experts are available in cities of Baroda and Mumbai. For outstation visits advance intimation will be needed to redress your Vastu problems.

For Vastu, Astrological, Numerological, Geopathic Stress and Cell Tower Radiation Remedies

Contact Us at :

Ph no - +91-9825543240 ( Baroda )

Mail at - bigvastu@gmail.com


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