Viet nam forests and agriculture
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Viet Nam Forests and Agriculture PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Viet Nam Forests and Agriculture. Group Members: Adahy Lewis, Seth James , Quentin Delorme, Russel Zillgitt , Jerome Robinson Jr. What we wanted to learn. What is the situation in Viet Nam with forest vs agricultural land?

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Viet Nam Forests and Agriculture

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Viet Nam Forests and Agriculture

Group Members:

Adahy Lewis, Seth James, Quentin Delorme, RusselZillgitt, Jerome Robinson Jr

What we wanted to learn

  • What is the situation in Viet Nam with forest vs agricultural land?

    • Is the current direction of Vietnam’s forestry and agriculture sustainable?

    • Can a healthy ecosystem be maintained?

    • What have Vietnam’s forests looked like historically? What about now?

    • What external factors have influenced Vietnam’s land use?

    • How are endangered species being affected by land use?

  • History

  • Deforestation/Reforestation

  • Economics

  • Incentives

  • Sociological

  • Synthesis & Predictions


Location & Geography

History, part one

  • First gained independence from China, 938 CE

  • “Colonized” by French in mid-19th century

  • Japanese occupied in WWII, Ho Chi Minh and Viet Minh fought

  • First Indochina War

    • French tried to re-establish control after WWII, essentially defeated

  • Vietnam War

    • USA tried to win against “communist insurgency,” failed

History, part two

  • Aftermath

    • Unification of North and South Vietnam in 1974, mass exodus of people

    • 1978: Cambodia invasion, removed Khmer Rouge from power

    • 1979: China incursion in response to Cambodia invasion

    • Vietnamese consider China incursion end to their Independence War

  • Reform

    • New politicians replaced “old guard” in 1986, began age of socialist-oriented market economy


Cause of deforestation

Growing population

Fuel for countries growth

Changing governing/Lack of solid policies

Agricultural expansion

Asia Forest Network




Better farming practices

New seed types


People moving to Cities

Better opportunities for trade taking stress off of countries resources


  • Socialist-oriented market economy.

  • Large investment in coffee production. Created 2.6 million jobs which lowered population in poverty from 60% in 1990s to 10% in 2013.

  • Currently the second largest exporter of coffee.

  • Among the largest exporters in rice too.


  • Keep the country growing economically through forestry projects.

  • With the country’s economy being largely agriculture based, the government has implemented forest planting programs

    • Benefit industries and environmental goals

    • Satisfies people’s demand for fuelwood.

  • Also planting operations create job opportunities that will be beneficial to the increasing population.

Sociological Aspects of Forestry

  • Will Vietnam soon meet standards of a “developed” country?

  • Numerous efforts to develop a sustainable and more participatory forestry sector:

    • Plantation and fuelwood consumption

    • Community Forestry program

    • Challenges remain…

Synthesis & Predictions

  • Modern Viet Nam has a unique government from a unique history

  • Rapid changes in the economy have changed the forest and agricultural management

  • Transition to developed country will change management practices

  • Community-based forest management relatively unique in forest industry

    • Education is an important step in continuing growth and development

  • Viet Nam set to become a big player in global markets


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