Strategies to take control of your life
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Strategies to Take Control of Your Life. Raul Dinzey. Overview. Living with purpose desire and goals Visualizing a better tomorrow Persisting through your challenges Taking action . Life—You Get What you Ask For. I bargained with life for a penny And life would pay no more

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Strategies to take control of your life

Strategies to Take Control of Your Life

Raul Dinzey


  • Living with purpose desire and goals

  • Visualizing a better tomorrow

  • Persisting through your challenges

  • Taking action

Life you get what you ask for
Life—You Get What you Ask For

I bargained with life for a penny

And life would pay no more

However I begged at evening

When I counted my scanty store.

For life is a just employer

He gives you what you ask

But once you have set the wages

You must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,

Only to learn dismayed

That any wage I had asked of life,

Life would have willingly paid.


  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve

  • You can do it if you believe you can

  • The most successful people are those who serve the greatest number of people

  • Develop a pleasing personality- pleasing to yourself and others

Positive mental attitude
Positive Mental Attitude

  • Is the medium to balance your life and relationships to people and circumstances – to attract what you desire

  • We are born with: the right to control the thoughts we dwell on and therefore our mental attitude

  • Is one of life’s riches- through this attitude anything worthwhile is achieved

  • Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want

The subconscious mind
The Subconscious Mind

  • Make your emotions work for you

  • Prayer


  • Desire backed by a definite goal with persistent action

  • Auto suggestion visualization and aloud daily reading of definite plan

  • Master mind alliance working in harmony and a spirit of cooperation

Definite purpose
Definite Purpose

  • Is the starting point of all achievement

  • Without direction you are aimless, directionless and powerless

  • Know where you are going before starting- self motivated, self driven successful

  • Decide:

    • What do you want

    • Find out how to get it

    • Then take daily action to achieving your goal

Pleasant personality
Pleasant Personality

  • Is the aggregate of all the agreeable gratifying and likable qualities of any one individual

  • Believe in yourself – First and foremost!

  • What you believe yourself to be – you are

  • The attitudes you transmit to others will tell more about you than words or how you look

  • Enthusiasm comes from within- you can develop it by your thoughts feelings and emotions


  • Is a state of mind we can develop by conditioning our mind to receive infinite intelligence to a definite purpose

  • The offspring of success or failure come from our thoughts

  • When faith added to thought the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent and transmit it to infinite intelligence

  • Faith is the method through which we can harness the cosmic force of infinite intelligence

Going the extra mile
Going the Extra Mile

  • Give more than what you receive, sooner or later you will be repaid with interest

  • Every seed of useful service you sow- will multiply and come back to you in overwhelming abundance

  • Put your mind to work assess your ability and energy

  • Who could use your help? How can you help?

  • Ingenuity and strong desire to be of genuine service

  • Helping others solve their problems will help you solve your own

Personal initiative self drive
Personal Initiative: Self Drive

  • Bears the same relationship as a self-starter to an automobile

  • Is the power that assures completion of what you start

  • Inner power that starts all action

  • Is the dynamo that spurs the faculty of your imagination into action and inspires you to finish what you start


  • Is a state of mind

  • is the most contagious of all emotions

  • Is a combination of mental and physical energy

  • Thrives best where sound physical health abounds

  • Sound health begins with the development and maintenance of health consciousness

  • To be enthusiastic – act enthusiastically!

Self discipline
Self- Discipline

  • Is to take possession of our own mind

  • The power or thought is the one thing we can control

  • By directing your dominant thoughts we ordain our destiny

  • Take charge of your life - you are what you think

  • Direct your thoughts – control your emotions - and ordain your destiny!

Accurate thinking
Accurate Thinking

  • Involves two fundamentals

    • Think clearly by separating the facts into two classes:

      The important and the unimportant

  • Accurate thinkers permit no one to do their thinking for them

  • Gather information and listen to the opinions of others, but reserve for yourself the privilege of making decisions

  • Truth will be truth regardless of a closed mind, ignorance or the refusal to believe

Focused attention
Focused Attention

  • Is the act of coordinating all the faculties of the mind and directing their combined power to a given end

  • Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will for whatever length of time you choose

  • You will have learned the secret to power and plenty- concentration

  • Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want!

Mastermind alliance principle
Mastermind Alliance Principle

  • Consists of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective

  • Seek to work together in a state of coordinated harmony

  • No person can become a permanent success without taking others along with him


  • Is the willing cooperation and coordination of effort to achieve a common goal.

  • Is sharing part of what you have- the good part with others

  • Differs from the Mastermind because it is based on coordination of effort without embracing the principle of definiteness of purpose or the principle of harmony

  • Harmonious cooperation is a priceless asset which you can acquire in proportion to your giving

Difficulties and challenges
Difficulties and Challenges

  • Every adversity you meet carries with it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit

  • Close the door of your mind to all previous failures and circumstances

  • Operate in a positive mental attitude

  • Every problem has a solution – you have to find it

  • Problems are only temporary set backs and stepping stones to success

Creative vision
Creative Vision

  • Is a quality of mind belonging only to people who follow the habit of going the extra mile

  • Is closely related to the state of mind known as faith and is significant- those who have demonstrated the greatest amount of creative vision are people with a capacity for faith

  • The imagination is the workshop of the soul wherein are shaped all plans for individual achievement

Auto suggestion
Auto Suggestion

  • Go To a quiet place- Repeat aloud written statement

  • Repeat this program morning and night until you meet your goal

  • Place a written copy in plain sight until memorized

Sound health
Sound Health

  • Sound physical health is dependant upon a positive mental attitude

  • Establish a sound well balanced health habits in work, play, rest, nourishment and study

  • What your mind focuses upon – your mind brings into existence

Budgeting time and money
Budgeting time and Money

  • Successful people budget their time, income and expenditures, living within their means

  • Failures squander time and income with contemptuous disregard for their value

  • Tell me how you use your spare time and money and I will tell you where and what you will be doing ten years from now

Force of habit
Force of Habit

  • You are where you are and what you are because of your established habits and thoughts and actions

  • You have the power to break bad habits and to create good ones in their place – at will

  • We have the power of choice through which we may establish our own thoughts and behavior patterns

Undo destructive thinking
Undo Destructive Thinking

  • What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve- Overcome worry and Fear

  • Above all:

    • Attain happiness

    • Find peace of mind and

    • Take care of your basic material needs

  • Protect yourself against negative influences

  • You have absolute control over the thoughts you dwell on

  • Old age

  • Loss of love

  • Death

6 basic fears
6 Basic Fears

Fear of

  • Poverty- most paralyzing fear

  • Criticism

  • Ill health

  • Old age

  • Loss of love

  • Death

Combating fear
Combating Fear

  • You Make your own breaks find other ways to use your talents

  • Most important is definite of purpose

  • Be persistent and courageous


  • Unwavering courage

  • Self control

  • Keen sense of justice

  • Definite of decision and plans

  • Habit of doing more than you are paid

Leadership cont d

  • Pleasing personality

  • Sympathy and understanding

  • Mastery of detail

  • Taking responsibility

  • Cooperation

Causes of failure
Causes of Failure

  • Inability to organize details

  • Unwillingness to render humble service

  • Expectations of being paid for what you know

  • Fear of Competition from followers

  • Lack of imagination

Causes of failure cont d
Causes of Failure(cont’d)

  • Selfishness

  • Intemperance

  • Disloyalty

  • Emphasis of authority of position and title

Persistence determination
Persistence & Determination

  • Starting point for all achievement is desire

  • Essential factor, sheer will power and desire

  • Weak desire bring weak results

  • Need persistence work:

    • With master mind group

    • On auto suggestion

    • Power

Persistence determination cont d
Persistence & Determination(cont’d)

  • Definiteness of purpose and plans

  • Desire

  • Self-reliance

  • Accurate knowledge

  • Cooperation

  • Will power

  • Habit

Persistence inventory
Persistence Inventory

  • Defined exactly what you want

  • Procrastination along with excuses

  • Indecision - not facing issues head on

  • Fear of criticism

  • Lack

    • Interest in acquiring specialized knowledge

    • Organized written plans that can be analyzed

Persistence inventory cont d
Persistence Inventory(cont’d)

  • Paralyzed by fear of criticism resulting in failure to

    • Create plans

    • Put them into action

    • Because of what others think do or say

  • Habit of:

    • Making excuses instead of creating definite plans

    • Neglecting to move on ideas

    • Wishing instead of wiling

    • Searching for shortcuts to success

Take action
Take Action

Detailed plan

Action plan
Action Plan

  • Definite Purpose- write down what you want

  • What will you give in return for what you want

  • Set a date when you intend to accomplish

  • Create a definite plan for carrying out your goal and place action into action at once

  • Write out a clear concise statement of the

    • amount money you intend to acquire,

    • name the time limit for its acquisition

    • What you will give in return

    • Describe a clear plan how you intend to do it

Action plan cont d
Action Plan(cont’d)

Write out a clear concise statement of the

  • Amount money you intend to acquire,

  • Name the time limit for its acquisition

  • What you will give in return

  • Describe a clear plan how you intend to do it

Plan activity right now 11 10 2009
Plan Activity Right Now 11/10/2009

Vision and mission statement
Vision andMission Statement

  • What do you see for yourself?

  • ?

  • ?

Gap analysis and action plan
Gap Analysis and Action Plan


  • Think and Grow Rich by

    Napoleon Hill

  • 7 habits of highly effective people

    Stephen Covey

Contact information
Contact Information

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