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Poor lifestyle choices Habits learned as a child Environmental changes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poor lifestyle choices Habits learned as a child Environmental changes Pollutants inside and outside Stressed, busy lives. Cancer Diabetes Obesity Heart disease Joint Problems/Arthritis Sleep disorders Stress The list goes on…. Wait for illness to happen. OR. Begin living well today.

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  • Poor lifestyle choices

  • Habits learned as a child

  • Environmental changes

  • Pollutants inside and outside

  • Stressed, busy lives

  • Cancer

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Heart disease

  • Joint Problems/Arthritis

  • Sleep disorders

  • Stress

  • The list goes on….

Wait for illness to happen


Begin living well today

These women are approximately the same age

  • Unhealthy air

  • Bad water

  • Poor sleep

  • Poor nutrition

  • These things contribute to poor health in our families

  • Clean air

  • Clean – energized water

  • Quality sleep

  • Good nutrition

  • These basics support good health for the entire family.

Consider the following analogy

If you take a beautiful rose bush

And plant it by a desert highway…

Do you think the rose bush would stay beautiful?

  • Would it have good clean air?

  • Is there plenty of good clean water?

  • Is the temperature optimal for growth?

  • Does the soil have good nutrition and the proper ph for strong roots?

Now take that same rose bush and put it in a greenhouse….

  • It would have good clean air?

  • There would be plenty of good clean water?

  • The temperature would be optimal for growth?

  • The soil would have good nutrition and proper ph for strong roots?

Now you wouldn’t take that same rose bush…

…and plant it by the desert highway again…would you?

Now consider your home…

Is the environment more like a desert for your family?

Or more like a greenhouse for your family?

The bigger question is…….

What kind of home do you want for your family?


How do you get it?

  • Based on 5 Pillars of Health

  • Healthy BODY

  • Healthy MIND

  • Healthy FAMILY

  • Healthy SOCIETY

  • Healthy FINANCES

Rest relaxation1
Rest & Relaxation

  • Approximately 2 out of 3 Americans suffer from Chronic Sleep disorder (Time Magazine, Newsweek magazine)

  • Lack of sleep leads to health problems; fatigue, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, shortened lifespan, suppressed immune systems and depression. Recent studies also implicate sleep deprivation in diabetes

  • Childhood insomnia is a high risk factor for adolescent alcohol and drug abuse—children with sleep problems are twice as likely to abuse drugs when teenagers. Univ. of Mich. April 2004 sleep study

  • A recent study at UCSD confirms that chronic sleep problems can cut more than a decade from your life.


* According to the American College of Allergies, 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.

* The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declares that indoor air is anywhere from 2 to 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.

* A recent study found that the allergen level in super-insulated homes is 200% higher than it is in ordinary homes.

* Most people spend well over 90% of their time inside.

Whole FoodNutrition

The United States Department of Agriculture Reports:

92% of Americans do not get the required daily allotment of nutrients from the food they eat.

Jade GreenZymes

  • A perfect whole food in a Barley Grass base that provides:

    • Dietary Fiber

    • Enzymes

    • Phytonutrients

    • Vitamins

    • Minerals

    • Amino Acids

    • Chlorophyl

What Does This Mean to You?

  • Benefits of Green Barley:

    • Helps Reduce Allergy Symptoms

    • (Chem Pharm Bull. 1999)

    • Helps Balance pH

    • Helps Strengthen Immune System

    • (Japan Pharm Science. 1981)

    • Helps Balance Blood Glucose

    • (Diabetes, 1997)

    • Helps Reduce Cholesterol

    • (J. Nutrition Science Vit. 1993)


Cardiovascular Support

I mmune Support

Antioxidant Support

Gastrointestinal Support

Adaptogenic Support

Ciaga Contains 21 Nutritional Ingredients:

  • 7 Whole Juices

  • 14 Natural Extracts

  • Organic fruits

  • No added Water

  • No Preservatives

  • No added Sugar

  • Certified Organic process

Dr narain naidu

Nikken's newest

break-through product:

Dr. Narain Naidu


Impact of Changes in BONE MASS on an Aging Body

Peak Bone Mass



Years of Age

*OsteoDenX (ELS) Clinical Trial Results

Loss of Bone Substance

Bone Formation

OsteoDenX (ELS)

OsteoDenX (ELS)


  • Dr. Gordon Pederson (Doctor of Toxicology)  looked at the effects of nutrition vs. exercise in three groups of people. He found:

  • The group that Walked daily increased the body's immune system natural killer cells by 15% with effects lasting 2-4 hours

  • The group Taking Nutritional Supplements also increased the body’s immune system by 15%.

  • The most amazing find was that the group Taking Nutritional Supplements along with Exercising increased the immune killer cells 255% with effects lasting 20 hours – creating exponential benefits when combining wellness technologies together.

  • Why Nikken Products?

  • Thousands of health care professionals are realizing the benefits of wellness home technology every day.

  • Thousands of famous professional & amateur athletes are embracing these products because they work

  • Their products are recognized and endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic

  • The results have been confirmed in major scientific studies



This is your opportunity to improve the way you live.

There are Many levels to a wellness home

  • Your health may be good, but you are concerned about keeping it that way and want to just get the things that create an optimal environment for a healthy family without any change in lifestyle.

There are Many levels to a wellness home

  • OR You may have specific health issues that will require not only optimizing your environment but targeting specific needs through nutrition and/or magnetic therapies


  • You have to be the one who decides what your family needs….

  • …Now… and in the future

  • Here’s How We Can Help

  • We can introduce, educate, and help you figure out what the products do and how they can help you personally.

  • We can show you how you can start putting these amazing technologies in your home.


Options for Transforming your Home into a Wellness Home

Option 1: You can create a wellness home over time, room by room.

Option 2: You can take advantage of convenient package options that give you a Wellness home now!


  • In either case, you have two choices:

  • You can become a Retail customer

    • You order your products from someone who is already a Nikken member

  • You can become a member of Nikken – a consultant

    • You order all your products at wholesale

    • You get commissions back if you share what you’ve learned with others

  • You can take it as far as you want to go with it.

  • Your membership can simply be a way to get what you want and need at a good price (much like a membership with Costco or Sams Club)

  • OR There’s a wonderful multi-level compensation plan if you want to make it a business

  • It’s really all up to you