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Bharat Book Bureau provides the report, on “INDIA 3D PRINTING MARKET Material (Plastics and Photopolymers)”. The report is a compilation of different segments of Indian 3D printing market including market breakdown by systems, applications, and includes material and technology analysis, and market dynamics.

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3D printing technology has made substantial advancements in developed countries like the U.S, Europe and now thriving in India. The market in India is growing at a rate of 20%. Automotive and electronics holds the highest share in Indian 3D printing market, while healthcare, aerospace and defense sectors are witnessing higher growth too. This technology allows designing without constraints, thus, enabling further creativity and innovation. Compared to the global 3D printing market, Indian market is relatively young; however, the growth has been quite encouraging especially due to the rise of new start-ups and global company operations in India.

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The most often used strategy for developing a better hold on to the market has been through product launches, followed by mergers & acquisitions. Moreover, the company profile section includes highlights of significant information about the key companies involved along with their financial positions key strategies, & developmental activities of recent years. Globally established players which are operating their services in India are: 3D systems, Stratasys, Voxeljet AG, Ricoh India, Renishaw, EOS e-manufacturing solutions, Schneider prototyping GmbH among others. Some of the key players-start-ups involved in this market are J Group Robotics, Global 3D Labs, Fracktal Works, Sahas Softech llp, Imaginarium , 3Ding,KC Bots ,Marco Polo Products Pvt. Ltd among others.

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Executive Summary

3D Printing technology in India is revolutionizing the conventional manufacturing industry, owing to its huge advantages. The technology allows printing with suitable range of materials in lesser time. The conventional methods which are used to develop models, prototypes or direct parts usually are costlier and time consuming. Heavily weighted components which are usually manufactured by conventional methods can now be 3D printed with lighter materials. The Indian market is at a nascent stage and is gradually paving its way towards continuous growth. Even though the printer costs are relatively high, the advancement in new technologies, readily available materials, rise of new-start ups and governmental support are some of the driving factors towards market growth.

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The Indian 3D printing industry has been tracked along the lines of the type of systems, materials, application areas, and technologies. The industry is analyzed based on printer manufacturers, material providers, end-use product providers and other service providers, which include software providers, 3D scanners, virtual product designs, quick mould solutions, and embedded service providers, among others. The different technologies, which are used to 3D print the products in plastics and photopolymers, are also identified such as: steriolithography, fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering, color jet printing, vacuum casting, polyjet 3D printing technology, multijet technology, binder jetting, and plastic jet printing among others. In India, fused deposition modeling printers are mostly preferred to 3D print objects and prototypes as they are relatively cheaper and are easy to use.

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The major 3D printing applications in India are also analyzed in the report, which include Automotive and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare, Fashion, Art, Aesthetics, and Others, which include engineering, lifestyle, food, and architecture among others. The Electronics & Automobile industry in India contributes significantly to the overall GDP of the nation. Therefore, the use of 3D printing technology in this market segment has a higher share as compared to the other industry verticals. The Healthcare and Aerospace & Defense sectors are also growing rapidly.

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The report analyzes some of the globally established players, which are operating their services in India, such as: 3D Systems, Stratasys, Voxeljet AG, Ricoh India, Renishaw, EOS e-manufacturing solutions, Schneider Prototyping GmbH among others. Some of the key start-ups involved in the Indian market are J Group Robotics, Global 3D labs, Fracktal works, Sahas Softech LLP, Imaginarium, 3Ding, KC Bots, and Marco Polo Products Pvt. Ltd., among others. The start-ups in this industry segment are growing stronger day by day and competing against the well established companies.

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Introduction 20

Executive Summary 6

Report Scope And Methodology 13

Market Dynamics 19

Indian 3d Printing Industry

Indian 3dp Industry Analysis By Type Of Operation 38

Indian 3d Printing Technology Analysis 44

Indian 3dp Industry Analysis -BY Application 57

Competitive Landscape 64

Company Profiles 77

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