themes of western civilization today
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Themes of Western Civilization Today

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Themes of Western Civilization Today - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Themes of Western Civilization Today. THEME 1: Individualism Can you identify this person? What is his profession? In the United States, where are our basic rights guaranteed? What is happening to the speaker in the lyrics?

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THEME 1: Individualism

Can you identify this person? What is his profession?

In the United States, where are our basic rights guaranteed?

What is happening to the speaker in the lyrics?

How does the story of the speaker reflect western view on individualism?

99 problems
"99 Problems"

Am I under arrest or should I guess some mo?"Well you was doing fifty five in a fifty four""License and registration and step out of the car""Are you carrying a weapon on you I know a lot of you are"I ain\'t stepping out of **** all my papers legit"Do you mind if I look round the car a little bit?"Well my glove compartment is locked so is the trunk and the backAnd I know my rights so you gon\' need a warrant for that"Aren\'t you sharp as a tack are some type of lawyer or something?""Or somebody important or something?"Nah I ain\'t passed the bar but I know a little bitEnough that you won\'t illegally search my ****"Well see how smart you are when the K-9\'s come"I got 99 problems but a **** ain\'t oneHit me

The year is \'94 and in my trunk is rawIn my rear view mirror is the mother **** lawI got two choices yall pull over the car orbounce on the double put the pedal to the floorNow I ain\'t trying to see no highway chase with jakePlus I got a few dollars I can fight the caseSo I...pull over to the side of the roadAnd I heard "Son do you know why I\'m stopping you for?"Cause I\'m young and I\'m black and my hat\'s real lowDo I look like a mind reader sir, I don\'t know


THEME 2: Coexistence and Toleration

5. Identify three of the above symbols and what they stand for

6. Provide one example of tolerance or coexistence in the United States.


THEME 3: The right to object to government policies

7. What is occurring in this image?

8. Provide one example of public protest in the United States (be sure to include what policy is being protested).


The School of Athens, Raphael,1509

THEME 4: Importance of education

9. Click on the following link. Describe what’s happening.

10. Why did Raphael choose to paint people from different time periods?

11. Provide an example of how education is important today.


THEME 5: Democracy (rule by the people)

12. What do you think the rocks represent?

13. What prevents a society from having a democratic form of government?

14. How is the US government a representation of a democratic form of government?


THEME 6: Capitalism

15. What are the pillars of capitalism? (hint: see columns)

16. Select two pillars and provide an example of it in today’s economic system.


Prometheus Bound (1618)- Peter Paul Ruben

THEME 7: Laws and punishment

17. Visit the site below. In your own words, explain the image depicted in the painting above.

18. Which branch of the government oversees laws and punishments?

19. Using your student handbook, pick a school rule (law) and the corresponding punishment.

20. Why are restrictions needed on people’s behavior?