The Severity Indices for Personality Problems (SIPP) questionnaire:
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The Severity Indices for Personality Problems (SIPP) questionnaire: A dimensional measurement for the severity of personality pathology. Helene Andrea (PhD) Roel Verheul (PhD) Viersprong Institute for Studies on Personality Disorders (VISPD), Halsteren, the Netherlands

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Helene Andrea (PhD) Roel Verheul (PhD)

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The Severity Indices for Personality Problems (SIPP) questionnaire:A dimensional measurement for theseverity of personality pathology

Helene Andrea (PhD)

Roel Verheul (PhD)

Viersprong Institute for Studies on Personality Disorders (VISPD), Halsteren, the Netherlands

Borderline Congress, Berlin, July 1 2010


Severity Indices for Personality Problems (SIPP)

Verheul, Andrea et al, 2008

Recently developed self-report questionnaire

Dimensional measurement for severity of personality functioning -> relevant towards DSM-V

Previous research: concurrent validity when comparing PD patients with a non-clinical population

Also useful as a dimensional instrument within a clinical population?

Verheul, Andrea et al, Psychol Assessment 2008, 20, 23-34

Objective & method

Is the dimensional assessment of the severity of personality pathology (SIPP)

associated with

other indices of the severity of personality pathology

in a clinical population?

Dimensional measurement

of severity

of personality pathology

Facets (subscales) SIPP

Other Indices

of severity of

personality pathology

DSM-IV based measurements:- Presence BPD- Number of PDs- Number of BPD criteria- Cluster A PDs

Study Population

  • SCEPTRE study: N=2078 patients referred to centers offering psychotherapy for personality problems

  • Structured Interview for DSM-IV Personality (SIDP-IV): N=379 patients (18%) with BPD - 79.2% female, mean age 30.47 (sd 7.85)- Dimensional scores 16 SIPP facets




118 items, 16 facets (subscales), 5 higher-order domains

Dimensional measurement of personality severity:

Lower score = more maladaptive level of functioning - higher severity

Higher score = more adaptive level of functioning – lower severity



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Publication: Verheul, Andrea et al (2008). Psychol Assessment, 20, 23-34

ResultsSIPP facets and BPD diagnosis

BPD diagnosis =

SIPP-scores more


Within the BPD population: SIPP scores associated with number of PDs?

Associations between SIPP

and DSM-IV severity Indices

for 10 (out of 16) facets

# BPD criteria

Cluster A PDs

Comparable pattern

Discussion (1)

  • Results (modestly) in support of the SIPP as a useful instrument for the dimensional assessment of severity among BPD-patients


  • Contrast within BPD-patients smaller than between BPD and non-BPD-patients

  • SIPP specific and sensitive enough??

Further research

  • Transition: DSM-IV -> DSM-V

    Proposal DSM-V:

  • Indicate level of personality functioning for a patient on the “Self and Interpersonal Functioning Continuum”

  • “Self”: Identity integration, Integrity of Self concept, Self-directnedness“Interpersonal”: Empathy, Intimacy, Cooperativeness, Complexity, Integration of representations of others

  • 5 levels: No/Mild/Moderate/Serious/Extreme Impairment

  • How are SIPP-scores related to this continuum?

  • Dimensional scores and/or cut-off scores? Specificity & sensitivity?

Availability of the SIPP

Diagnostic version: 118 items, 16 facets, 5 domainsOutcome version (SIPP-SF): 60 items, 5 domains

Available in Dutch, English, Norwegian, Spanish and Italian

In exchange for research data

Websites: (click on heading sipp-main menu; five subpages)


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