Compost tea
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Compost Tea. What Compost Tea is and What it is Not. Why Use Compost Tea?. To balance the system. Brewing Actively Aerated Compost Tea. Types of Compost Tea Brewers. The Bubbling Bucket. Recirculation Tea Brewers. Flowforms. Vortex Tea Brewers. Biodynamics. Biodynamic Stirring.

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Compost Tea

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Compost tea

Compost Tea

What compost tea is and what it is not

What Compost Tea is and What it is Not

Why use compost tea

Why Use Compost Tea?

To balance the system

Brewing actively aerated compost tea

Brewing Actively Aerated Compost Tea

Types of Compost Tea Brewers

The bubbling bucket

The Bubbling Bucket

Recirculation tea brewers

Recirculation Tea Brewers



Vortex tea brewers

Vortex Tea Brewers



Biodynamic stirring

Biodynamic Stirring

The water wizard

The Water Wizard

Viktor Schauberger

Compost tea inputs

Compost Tea Inputs

High quality compost.

Compost tea inputs1

Compost Tea Inputs

Food for the Microbes

Compost tea inputs2

Compost Tea Inputs

Mineral Catalysts

Compost tea inputs3

Compost Tea Inputs

Other possible inputs

Bacterial and Fungal Inoculants

Any organic fertilizer

Any specific nutrient source that your soil test recommends can also be added to the tea to make it more bioavailable.

How to brew compost tea

How to Brew Compost Tea

Step 1: Setup your commercial brewer OR make your own with a food safe container, such as a 5 gallon bucket, an aquarium pump (at least a two outlet size, larger if possible), at least 4’ of food safe tubing connected to the pump, and also connect airstone(s) or weight the end of the tubing.

How to brew compost tea1

How to Brew Compost Tea

Step 2: Fill your container with clean, chlorine and chloramine free water. Rainwater is the best choice. Do NOT use water that has been through a water softener! Place your container in an area where spills will be acceptable.

How to brew compost tea2

How to Brew Compost Tea

Step 3: Drop the airstone or weighted tube into the container of water, plug in the pump and start bubbling.

How to brew compost tea3

How to Brew Compost Tea

Step 4: Add your inputs.

How to brew compost tea4

How to Brew Compost Tea

Step 5: Brew for 12-48 hours, depending on amount of aeration and desired microbe population .

Applying compost tea

Applying Compost Tea

Soil Drench


Application rates

Application Rates

Some more ideas for using compost tea in different applications

Some more ideas for using compost tea in different applications

Compost Pile Innoculant

Seed Soak

Dipping plant cuttings

Diseased plants

Tree root soak


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