Name miss kayon mcpherson date april16 2012 grade level 8 social studies topic the family
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The Family: Functions and Types - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: Miss Kayon McPherson Date: April16, 2012 Grade level:8 Social Studies topic: The Family. The Family: Functions and Types. Teacher’s notes .

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The Family: Functions and Types

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Name: Miss Kayon McPherson

Date: April16, 2012

Grade level:8

Social Studies topic: The Family

The Family: Functions and Types

Teacher’s notes.

Students embrace yourselves to learn about the family. This lesson will be fun and appealing, because I also share the view that teaching and learning should be fun!

Listen to the following video and let us find out what exactly we will be learning about the family

What is a family?

A family can be define as a group of persons related by blood, marriage or adoption generally living under the same roof.

Family is usually associated with persons we love and care about and also with whom we share some common elements. For example our surname, resemblance and in most cases our religious belief as well as a common residence.

“Home is where the heart is”.

A picture of a home that a family could share.

Functions of the family

  • Socialization- The family is known as the first agent of socialization. During this process they are expected to transmit norms and values to the new generation.

  • Educational- It is also the responsibility of the family to assist the school in educating their children by providing their children with help to do homework, give encouragement and advise and offer assistance whenever necessary. This is deemed as informal education.

Function of the family (cont)

  • Economic- One of the most important function of the family is the economic function. Parents in most cases are the breadwinners. They bring money and goods in the family to satisfy their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter as well as many of their wants.

  • Affection- The family provides an island of love, affection, and security for its members. This is very important to mental, intellectual and social well-being for all concerned. Children specially need proper and adequate amounts of love, attention and affection if they are expected to develop healthy and stable personalities.

Types of families.

  • NUCLEAR FAMILY-A nuclear family consist of both parents and child/children sharing a common residence.

  • Extended family- This is a family consisting of several generation generally living under the same roof.

  • Single parent household- This family consist of mother or father residing with child/ children.

Types of family (cont)

  • Sibling household- This family consist of the eldest sibling caring for the younger sibling(s).He or she is usually the authority figure.

  • Reorganized family- This is a family consisting of one parent and a step-parent sharing a residence with child/children.

The extended family.

The nuclear family.

A single parent family.

A mother and her child. However , it could be a father and his child/children.

The sibling household.

The reorganize family.

Factors that accounts for the formation of a nuclear family.

Marriage of both parents

A common-law relationship involving both parents.

Factors that is accountable for the formation of the single parent household.

  • separation

  • Death of one parent

  • Divorce

  • migration

Factor that can lead to the formation of the sibling household

  • Death of both parents and the eldest sibling decide to be the guardian of the younger siblings.

  • Migration: It can be a case where the parent(s) migrate in search of better job opportunities and the younger siblings are left in the care of the eldest sibling.

Sources that can provide information about the family.

  • Tip for students, when you need information fast check the internet , it is fast, efficient and reliable.




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