What is the need for this program at UF

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What is the need for this program at UF?. It is a factor in 21% of UF dropoutsIt is a factor in 75% of date rape casesOf all 20-24 year olds killed in traffic crashes, 55% involved alcohol60% of women who contracted a STD reported being drunk at the timeIt is a factor in lower grades (D's or F's, 10 drinks/week. Mostly A's, 3 or less!It is a factor in the leading causes of death for persons 16-24 years old.

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What is the need for this program at UF

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2. What is the need for this program at UF? It is a factor in 21% of UF dropouts It is a factor in 75% of date rape cases Of all 20-24 year olds killed in traffic crashes, 55% involved alcohol 60% of women who contracted a STD reported being drunk at the time It is a factor in lower grades (Ds or Fs, 10 drinks/week. Mostly As, 3 or less! It is a factor in the leading causes of death for persons 16-24 years old

3. Why Do People Drink? It is part of a college experience It is socially acceptable It is a cheap and easy form of entertainment Peer Pressure Rebellion Perceived risk is minimal

4. Alcohol in the Body Alcohol reaches the liver where it is oxidized (changed into water, carbon dioxide and energy.) The liver converts about 1/2 ounce alcohol per hour and nothing can be done to speed it up or slow it down. The drug continues to affect the drinker until the liver metabolizes all of the alcohol circulating in the body.

5. It affects some people differently than others One drink may be too much depending on : A persons body weight How fast a person drinks Amount of food in the persons stomach A persons mood Gender (women have a lower % of water in their body and less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol)

6. Myths About Sobering Up A cold shower Exercise Black coffee Fresh Air Drinking lots of water All of these may make a drinker more awake. But time --and only time-- can make a drinker sober

7. Common Arrests on UFs Campus Alcohol possession under the age of 21(Florida Statues 562.111) DUI City Ordinance Open Container

8. 21 is the LEGAL drinking age in Florida Violation of this law is a second degree misdemeanor punishable by fine and/or imprisonment

9. Floridas zero tolerance law for underage drinking and driving As of January 1, 1997 a person under the age of 21 can lose their driving privileges for drinking even a very small amount of alcohol and driving. A .02 BAC is all that is allowed. Possible just one drink!

10. What Could Happen to you? You can receive an administrative suspension which is not a criminal offense Your drivers license is confiscated and a 10 day temporary driving permit is issued along with the notice of suspension You then have 10 days to request a formal or informal review by the division of drivers license

11. Penalties for first and second violations and refusal First violation may result in a six month suspension of your driving privileges Second violation may result in a one year suspension of your driving privileges Refusing to be tested results in a license suspension of 1 year or 18 months for a second or subsequent refusal

13. Florida Law/ DUI A blood or breath alcohol level of .08 is evidence that a person is under the influence of alcohol to the extent that normal faculties are impaired and therefore guilty of DUI The .08 level establishes a legal presumption of impairment

17. DUI Penalties 1st conviction Fine of $250-$500 6 months in jail report to a probation officer Attend a substance abuse course Lose your license for up to one year

18. DUI Penalties Second conviction within 5 years 10 days in jail loss of your license for at least 5 years

19. DUI Penalties 3rd conviction within 10 years 30 days in jail loss of license for at least 10 years

20. DUI Penalties 4th and subsequent convictions... You will be charged with a 3rd degree felony and considered to be an habitual offender Habitual offenders risk the lifetime revocation of driving privileges

21. Implied Consent By accepting a Floridas Driver license and using Floridas highways, a person agrees to submit to a chemical or physical test If license is out of state, persons are considered to expressed consent by traveling on Floridas highways

22. Refusal You may refuse: 1st refusal may result in a 1-year suspension 2nd refusal may result in an 18 month suspension

23. Fake IDs Being in possession of fake Ids can either be a felony or a misdemeanor

24. Felony To be in possession of any blank, forged, stolen and fictitious, counterfeit or unlawfully issued drivers license or identification To agree to supply or aid in supplying any person with a DL or ID card

25. Felony Penalties Up to 5 years imprisonment Up to $5,000.00 fine

26. Misdemeanor To lend your drivers license to another person To represent yourself with any DL not issued to you To give false age in any application for a DL To possess a DL on which the date of birth has been altered

27. Misdemeanor Penalties Up to 60 days in jail Up to $500.00 fine

28. Department of Highway Safety/Motor Vehicles DHSMV will suspend your driving privileges usually for a year or more as a result of carrying fake IDs

29. Other Penalties Probation Suspension Community Service Hours

30. Responsible Party Tips Dont drink so much that you loose control or pass out Party with your friends so you can watch out for each other NEVER leave your drink unattended Dont drink on an empty stomach NEVER drink and drive designate a driver to stay sober

31. If Friends Want to Drive After Drinking Persuade the person not to drive Provide alternative driving (drive them home or arrange a ride) Prevent them from driving until sober-take the keys if needed Under no circumstances should you ride with them if you cant stop them

32. If You Spot a Drunk Driver on the Road Keep a safe distance (they are unpredictable) Report the vehicle (*DUI) or (*GPD) you could save someones life. Give a complete description of the vehicle or license number

33. Common Signs of an Intoxicated Driver Driving too fast Running over curbs Weaving in and out of traffic Straddling the center line Following too closely Driving with no headlights at night Stopping and starting in a jerky fashion

34. Consequences of Alcohol Abuse Embarrassing injuries at work, home, & play (hangover, alcohol related fights) Legal problems Student judicial services sanctions Acute alcohol poisoning Long term health problems like alcoholism (1 in 7 drinkers) & cirrhosis of the liver (1 in 10 long term drinkers) Death

35. Top Causes of Death Among 16-24 Year Olds Alcohol related auto crashes Alcohol related drowning Alcohol related suicides Alcohol related homicides

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