Merit Badge Counselor Supplemental Training

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Learning Objectives. At the end of this session, each participant should be able to:Explain the role of merit badges in the Scouting program Explain the responsibilities of a merit badge counselor

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Merit Badge Counselor Supplemental Training

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1. Merit Badge Counselor Supplemental Training Colonial Virginia Council 2007 Training Fair Norm Effinger [email protected]

2. Learning Objectives At the end of this session, each participant should be able to: Explain the role of merit badges in the Scouting program Explain the responsibilities of a merit badge counselor – requirements, buddy system, registration Explain how to use a merit badge application List the resources available to counselors and scouts Volunteer at a counselor at MBU

3. Aims of BSA To Develop: Character Citizenship Fitness

4. Methods of Boy Scouts Ideals (Oath and Law) Patrol Method Outdoors Advancement Association with Adults Personal Growth Leadership Development Uniform

5. BSA Advancement The Scout learns The Scout is tested The Scout is reviewed The Scout is recognized

6. Rules – Time limits on badges There are NO time limits upon how long a Scout can work on a badge. Except: The Scout has until he is 18 to complete the badge requirements.

7. Rules - Requirements The Scout uses the current requirements when he starts the badge. If requirements change before he is finished, he may use the newer requirements, the old requirements or any in between (his choice).

8. Rules - Requirements Scouts are expected to meet the requirements as they are stated - no more and no less. If it says “show,” then telling is not enough. If it says “Do two ….”, you can’t require three. Counselors do not have the discretion to change the requirements. You can (and should) tell/do more to add interest, but you can’t require it for the badge.

9. Rules - Which Requirements are Valid? The official requirements for all merit badges are found in the current year Boy Scout Requirements (#33215) Exception: A MB pamphlet is revised after distribution of Requirements Requirements is published in January each year

10. Rules – Limits on badges There is no limit on the number of badges a Scout may earn. There is no limit on the number of badges for which a person may serve as counselor. There is no limit on the number of badges a Scout may earn from one person. Scouts may earn badges counseled by a parent. BUT, the intent is “association with adults.”

11. Rules - Buddy System One-on-one meetings in private are NOT allowed Scout must meet with counselor with a buddy. Or, someone else must be present during meetings with the counselor.

12. Rules - Group Sessions The counseling relationship is a counselor-Scout arrangement (individual). Group sessions are permitted for efficiency, special facility usage, etc. BUT - requirements MUST be completed on an individual basis. Scouts should get individual attention.

13. Rules - Exceptions Lone Scouts Handicaps

14. Process Scout discusses merit badge interests with Scoutmaster Scoutmaster gives Scout a signed “blue card” Scout sets up meeting(s) with counselor Counselor coaches Scout Counselor initials requirements on blue card as each requirement is completed When requirements are finished, counselor signs blue card Scout returns blue card to Scoutmaster

15. Requirements To Register Be at least 18 years old and be able to work with Scout-age boys. Be proficient in the merit badge subject by vocation or avocation. Be registered with the Boy Scouts of America (no fee required). Adult Volunteer Application (#28-501) Merit Badge Counselor Information Form (#33405) Registration expires every December 31st Merit Badge Counselors should also complete Youth Protection Training

16. What you agree to do: Follow requirements of the merit badge (keep up to date with the requirements) Enforce the buddy system Renew your MB Counselor registration annually

17. The Counselor’s Job Assist the Scout as he plans assigned projects and activities. Coach the Scout through the badge - give him a deeper awareness of the subject; enthusiasm! Satisfy yourself that each Scout (individually) meets the requirements of the badge. Make it FUN! Field trips Hands-on activity

18. Role of Counselor Coach Counselor Examiner

19. Effective Teaching/Learning Learning objectives Discovery Teaching-learning Application Evaluation Recycling

20. Coach Teach the skill Give Scout an opportunity to practice the skill Take a genuine interest in the projects and encourage completion Help Scout assess progress

21. Counselor Make the Scout feel welcome and relaxed Interview the Scout to determine his preparedness Set short-term and long-term goals Follow up with the Scout Help Scout evaluate his progress Encourage the Scout to ask for help

22. Examiner Assure yourself that the Scout has completed the requirements Individual attention; individual completion

23. Sources of information THE SOURCE of requirements - Boy Scout Requirements Merit badge pamphlets US Scouting Service - MacScouter - - Heritage District MBU -

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