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Be Your Own Brand David McNally. Presented by: Bobby, Erica, Bubbles, Keiichi, Stirling. Personal Branding. What exactly is a Brand? A brand is a relationship. One that involves trust when two people believe their value systems. Perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you.

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Be Your Own BrandDavid McNally

Presented by: Bobby, Erica, Bubbles, Keiichi, Stirling

Personal branding l.jpg
Personal Branding

  • What exactly is a Brand?

    • A brand is a relationship. One that involves trust when two people believe their value systems.

  • Perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you.

  • Your brand is a reflection of who you are and what you believe.

Quality and quantity l.jpg
Quality and Quantity

  • Brands all are around us

    • So much we look right past them

  • Estimated that the average person is exposed to more than 3,000 messages a day

  • People are willing to pay 9-12% higher for the brand name

    • Coca-Cola’s brand is estimated to be worth about half the company’s total market value

Personal brand characteristics l.jpg
Personal Brand Characteristics

  • Three key components

    • Distinctive

    • Relevant

    • Consistent

Strong personal brands are distinctive l.jpg
Strong personal brands are Distinctive

  • They stand for something. They have a point of view

  • Your brand becomes strong when you decide what you believe in and then commit yourself to acting on those beliefs

  • Why?

    • Making a commitment means doing what you said you would do despite the obstacles

  • Your personal brand is based on your values, not the other way around

Strong personal brands are relevant l.jpg
Strong personal brands are Relevant

  • What they stand for connects to what someone else considers to be important

  • Determined not only by your product or service but buy how it (and you) can meet their needs

  • The more relevance the stronger your brand becomes

  • Relevance is something we earn by the importance others place on what we do for them and by their judgment of how well we do it

Strong personal brands are consistent l.jpg
Strong personal brands are Consistent

  • People come to believe in a relationship based on the consistency of behaviors they experience or observe

  • Defines your brand more clearly and concisely

  • Established dependability of behavior

  • Over time people learn to trust you

  • Consistency is the hallmark of all strong personal brands. Inconsistency weakens brands and suspends belief.

Components of the brand l.jpg
Components of the “Brand”

  • Three components of creating a Brand

    • Roles

    • Standards

    • Style

  • These components must be clearly identified in order for the Brand to be a “Brand”

Personal brand authenticity l.jpg
Personal Brand Authenticity

  • Your brand needs to be authentic for it to be successful

  • Purpose, vision, and values lead to authenticity of your brand

Asking yourself questions l.jpg
Asking yourself questions…

  • What is my life about?

  • What do I want to create?

  • What do I hold to be true?

Brand values profile l.jpg
Brand Values Profile

  • Identify your personal Values

  • Real values vs. idealized values

  • Minimizing conflicts

  • Making better decisions based on values

Personal brand framework l.jpg
Personal Brand Framework

  • Personal Brand Dimension

  • Personal Brand Platform

  • Personal Brand Promise

Personal brand dimension l.jpg
Personal Brand Dimension

  • Defined as the combination of roles, standards, and styles that defines the unique aspects of your personal brand.

  • 3 steps:

    • Identify the areas where roles matter

    • Examine your standards and values

    • Define your style

Personal brand platform l.jpg
Personal Brand Platform

  • This is the single most dominant characteristic of your personal brand dimension

    • It is the characteristic that makes you distinctive.

    • It correlates with your most prized value

Personal brand promise l.jpg
Personal Brand Promise

  • Defined as the concise, meaningful, and inspiring statement developed from your brand dimension driven by brand platform, that sums up the impact a relationship with you will have on someone else.

  • It should reflect the desire and ability to meet another specific person’s needs and desire at a particular time

How to make strong brands l.jpg

  • Emotional connections are essential

  • Aside from building a strong relationship with others, it is also important to be true to yourself

  • Personal brand should be aligned with the belief system you have and the people important to you.

How to make strong brands20 l.jpg

  • Brands should be clear and concise

  • Once you know it, you should apply it

  • Do not change your brand when there is a new situation

  • KEEP IT!

Remember l.jpg

  • Simple issues = Habit = Behavior = People will modify their expectations

  • Brands build strength over time through interaction, they do not happen overnight. We have to practice and practice and actually use it as it becomes part of our behavior.

  • The more clearly your brand becomes the more authentic, lasting and rewarding the relationships built on it.

Personal brand strategies l.jpg
Personal Brand Strategies

  • Brand equity

    • Like a bank account

      • Strong relationship = Making a deposit

      • Consistent strength = Accrues interest

A word about transactions l.jpg
A word about transactions

  • To measure the way people interact with your brand, identify these variables

    • They have their expectations of what will happen

    • They have their experiences of what did happen

    • They have the observations of the process of getting from expectations to experience

Sign up or sign out l.jpg
Sign up or sign out

  • When values you stand for and your organization stands for align = MAGIC

  • Organizations get more highly committed workers

Above and beyond l.jpg
Above and Beyond

  • If you have it, don’t wait for someone else to give you the power to make some changes

  • Someone else may define what you do in the course of the day, but how you do it is in your hands

The courage to live your brand l.jpg
The courage to live your brand

  • Brand Moments

  • To be perceived as a strong person brand, you have to decide what you stand for, and then you have to be that

  • Brand are relationships

  • They reflect values