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Contents. Our MissionWhat We DoWho We AreOur MembersOrganisational StructureManagement. Working PartiesCore ActivitiesMembershipJoin Us!Appendix: List of Members. Our Mission. ICCO represents the world's public relations consultancy business.We work to develop greater consistency of s

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Welcome to ICCO

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1. Welcome to ICCO “The Voice of Public Relations Around The World”

2. Contents Our Mission What We Do Who We Are Our Members Organisational Structure Management

3. Our Mission ICCO represents the world’s public relations consultancy business. We work to develop greater consistency of standards across member countries so that clients will benefit from higher quality services that are clearly defined, professional and ethical.

4. What We Do

5. Who We Are A not-for-profit, global entity established in 1988 An ‘umbrella’ organisation for some 1,400 PR firms affiliated through their national trade associations 28 member countries Membership from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas

6. Our Members Australia Austria Brazil Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic

8. Management The ICCO Executive Committee

9. Working Parties Temporary task forces formed by interested board members in order to address industry issues or specific ICCO activities Examples of recent objectives include: Development and international promotion of the Consultancy Management Standard Review of the ICCO professional charter Supporting local efforts to establish trade associations in developing markets Defining the format, programme and content of the ICCO Global Summit

10. Core Activities

11. Summits & Events The ICCO Global Summit, occurring every 2 years, convenes leaders of the PR consultancy industry to share knowledge and market information, debate current issues and expand professional networks The Board and ExCo gather at least twice a year to discuss the latest trends and determine the priorities of the organisation The Secretariat, comprised of Managing Directors of member associations meet annually to share best practice and enhance collaboration ICCO also supports a select number of high-level industry events run by partner organisations

12. The Stockholm Charter Code of ethics signed by all ICCO members in 2001 Replacement for the original Rome Charter Core document ensuring commitment to high standards of ethics, transparency and professionalism – providing confidence to clients and agency partners alike

13. CMS: Consultancy Management Standard A highly regarded badge of professionalism in public relations Devised by the PRCA UK in 1997 and accessible to ICCO members worldwide Combines elements from ‘ISO 9000’ and ‘Investors in People’ with criteria specific to the PR industry 8 key business areas assessed by qualified, independent auditors Helps improve consultancy businesses while assuring both clients and employees that audited firms provide superior quality and performance

14. ICCO Reports & Original Research The World Report Consolidated country data combined with information from partner organisations to offer unique insight into the global PR industry, released annually ICCO Research Original research into fundamental issues affecting the PR industry and of interest to ICCO members, produced in partnership with leading industry organisations and academics Recent examples: a benchmarking of PR expenditure, a study on recruiting & retaining “Talent”, an audit of ICCO and analysis of similar organisations, a survey on social media....

15. Partnerships ICCO proactively seeks to collaborate with leading organisations in the communications industry in ways that directly benefit ICCO membership. Some our high-profile partners include:

16. Communication With Members

17. Membership

18. Membership Requirements National or regional trade associations of PR consultancies are eligible if they: Are a Trade Association representing PR consultancies in their country or territory (with the largest share of consultancy business in the area) Have statutes and an autonomous management structure with a Code of Practice acceptable to ICCO Can prove financial stability with audited accounts of the last two fiscal years Have their members agree to abide by the ICCO Stockholm Charter Have a minimum of ten members Agree to the Memorandum & Articles of Association and the Bylaws of ICCO Agree to produce statistics and information as requested Agree to host Board and/or Executive Committee meetings when requested Ensure that a representative attends all Board meetings Ensure that their representative plays an active role in at least one Working Party Ensure that they notify ICCO of any relevant changes to their organisations Maintain an updated website with: an overview of the association and its aims, its code of practice, contact details, and a complete listing of member firms (all in English) Ensure that they pay all subscriptions when due

19. Benefits of Membership For Trade Associations: Badge of credibility and professionalism for the PR industry in the home country Recognised standards to be handed down to member firms Forum for addressing industry issues as well as sharing knowledge and best practice with peers Vehicle for expressing opinions on key industry issues to the outside world with a unified voice Support and guidance from established members on operational and other association matters Trusted network for exploring international activities

20. Benefits of Membership For Member Firms: Channel for additional business opportunities as potential clients use ICCO to locate consultancies internationally Tangible demonstration to clients and employees of professional integrity and high ethical standards Trusted network for finding agency partners abroad Exposure to leading industry thinkers and best practice methodologies via ICCO summits and communications Access to proprietary industry research and knowledge Access to Consultancy Management Standard certification Conduit for raising awareness and voicing opinions on key issues in public relations Discounts and other economic benefits from ICCO preferred partners

21. Dues Structure and Costs

22. Join Us! To find more information about us, our activities or our members, visit the ICCO website at www.iccopr.com. Applications for membership are available for download. If your organisation is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with ICCO, contact: Virginia Hague, Executive Director [email protected]

23. Appendix

24. List of Members

25. List of Members

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