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Power to the Community. COMMUNITY CHILD PROTECTION TEAMS. North Carolina Division of Social Services May 2003. North Carolina’s. Added Dimension. In addition to reviewing state child protection policies, CCPTs also are charged with accessing child protection needs in the county.

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Power to the Community

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Power to the Community


North Carolina Division of

Social Services

May 2003

North Carolina’s

Added Dimension

  • In addition to reviewing state child protection policies, CCPTs also are charged with accessing child protection needs in the county.

  • Deficiencies in local services or resources are reported to the local Board of County Commissioners annually.

  • This added dimension supports the grass roots change theory




CCPT Mission Statement

Recognizing that child protection is the responsibility of everyone, and responding to child protection needs is more effective before a child is harmed; the Community Child Protection Team, a team composed of agency representatives, child advocates and citizens-at-large; will take action to identify and address gaps or deficiencies in services and resources through the annual report to the Board of County Commissioners, collaboration with community partners, promoting public awareness, and advocating for action that

addresses the child protection needs of the county.




Children will be safe within the

community’s environment as soon as


Parents will be able to access community

systems as needed to assist in parenting


The community will become more aware of

situations in the community that cause harm

to children.


Exerting Power







    • Talking to others

    • Mentoring

    • Observing

    • Reporting to Board of County Commissioners

Making Strides

  • Change in the attitude about the purpose of CCPT

  • Each year more and more team accept CCPT as a change agent

  • As a state coordinator in the CW section I have had an opportunity to integrate information from multidisciplinary teams into state policy and recommendations

CCPT At Its Best

  • Effective Chairperson

  • Dedicated Membership

  • Purposeful Case Reviews

  • Determining System Deficiencies and or Gaps in Services/Resources

  • Promoting Change

A Great Chairperson Must Be

A Dynamic leader

Creative (willing and able to go outside of the box)

A Motivator


Committed to the well being

of Children



A Visionary

A Working Member

  • Is Dependable

    • Attends all meetings

    • Actively participates

    • Willing to collaborate

  • Will share information

  • Has something to offer to facilitate child protection in the community

  • Ensure your teams child protection recommendations stay on the “front page” until the recommendation becomes a reality

  • Has influence in the county

The Best Members

Peace maker

Town crier

A Personality Type

Risk taker

Legal expertise

Can find the bucks


Remembers how it was

Won’t take no for an answer

The driven


B Type personality




CCPT is one unit. Coming

together as one body requires each

member be willing andableto

accept the blending of agencies,

individual thoughts, variances

in practices, cultural differences,

etc. and to use the differences to

develop a community approach to

combating child maltreatment

Team Maintance

All team members participate in

establishing team rules and protocol

What cases are reviewed

Recommending new members to the

Board of County Commissions

How non-participating members

should be handled

Team Logistics

Projects that will inform community of

CCPT and child protection

Consider time limits for members

appointed to the team

Identify case specific issues that impact a child’s wellbeing and as a team collaborate about ways the condition can be improved.

Case Reviews

Identify issues in the community

that are a barrier to child protection

in the county

Identify state policies that

are not in a child’s best


What Will Be Reviewed

  • Basis of case decision

  • Case goals

  • Case action since decision or last CCPT review, or services provided

  • Family’s response to services

  • Relevance to the issue of child protection in the county


  • CCPTs have access to all information from all agencies with the exception of substance abuse records. Information from school records is limited to information about the health and well being of a child.

  • It is illegal for CCPT members to discuss case information received during a CCPT meeting with anyone outside of the meeting

  • Violating confidentiality is a misdemeanor

  • Any citizen may be invited to a CCPT meeting. Only CCPT members are present during closed sessions

Bringing It Together

  • Strategies for addressing the condition (barriers)

  • What is required to bring about change?

  • Does the plan need a lead person? Whom will the person be.

  • Are there others in the community can be used to promote the necessary change?

Turning Up the Heat

Issues that Need Answers

  • How can the community protect children in drug addiction families

  • What can the community do about children that linger in the foster care backlog

  • What can be done to engage parents in more effective parenting practices

  • How can the socialization needs of adolescents be met

  • How can the community support schools and parents

Taking It To The Next Level

Something To Think About

Theme for the year

Sharing information from state to state

Time is a factor for most members

Do the children of the United States need to be protected by a

Constitutional Amendment

Does child protection need to be federalized?

Phyllis Banks Fulton

NC Division of Social Services

CCPT Coordinator

Tele: 919-733-2279 Fax: 919-733-4756

Email: phyllis.fulton@ncmail.net

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