precision variable frequency drive may 07 13
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Precision Variable Frequency Drive May 07-13

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Precision Variable Frequency Drive May 07-13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Precision Variable Frequency Drive May 07-13. Client: Jim Walker Advisor: Dr. Ajjarapu Team Members: Matt Shriver Jason Kilzer Nick Nation Dave Reinhardt April 24, 2007. Presentation Outline. Introductory Materials (Nick) Project Approach & Design (Jason) Testing and Implementation (Matt)

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precision variable frequency drive may 07 13
Precision Variable Frequency DriveMay 07-13

Client: Jim WalkerAdvisor: Dr. AjjarapuTeam Members:Matt ShriverJason KilzerNick NationDave ReinhardtApril 24, 2007

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Introductory Materials (Nick)
  • Project Approach & Design (Jason)
  • Testing and Implementation (Matt)
  • Closing Materials (Dave)
list of definitions
List of Definitions
  • VFD: Variable Frequency Drive
  • PWM: Pulse Width Modulation
  • IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
  • Faculty advisor Dr. Ajjarapu
  • Client Jim Walker
  • Graduate Students
    • Ryan Konopinski
    • Sheng Yang
general problem statement
General Problem Statement
  • The speed control of an AC synchronous motor.
  • The synchronous motor and the subsequent drive mechanism do not always keep the correct speed.
  • A method is needed to control the frequency that is delivered to the synchronous motor.
  • A precision variable frequency drive will allow the user to manually change the operating frequency.
operating environment
Operating Environment
  • Indoors
  • No extreme conditions
  • Near power outlet
intended use
Intended Use
  • As a drive for a low power AC synchronous electric motor.
  • This drive was not considered to be used on any other type of electric motor except for a synchronous design.
  • This drive shall not be used to power any control circuits.
intended users
Intended Users
  • Anyone who desires precise control over a small AC synchronous motor.
  • An owner of a turntable who needs better control over the speed of their turntable.
  • No technical knowledge will be required to operate the Precision VFD.
  • Constant linkage –An increase in motor speed by a certain factor will result in an increase in the speed of the turntable by the same factor.
  • Plug – the power cord from the record player can plug into a standard three pronged outlet.
  • Minimum Power Output: 75 W
  • Output Frequency Range: 58-62 Hz
  • Frequency Precision: 0.001 Hz
  • Frequency Stability: < ± 0.01 %
  • 12” by 12” by 6” size limitation
  • Cost less than $350
expected end product
Expected End Product
  • Precision variable frequency drive
  • Portable strobe system
  • One-page quick users guide
  • Circuit diagrams and parts list
present accomplishments
Present Accomplishments
  • Research technologies (100%)
  • Simulate entire system (100%)
  • Purchase components (100%)
  • Build components (85%)
  • Test components (70%)
  • Build entire system (70%)
project definition activities
Project Definition Activities
  • Develop a VFD that will provide a precise frequency that can be changed.
  • A strobe light will also be included to measure the RPM of the electric motor.
research activities 1 of 2
Research Activities (1 of 2)
  • Pulse Width Modulation
    • Needs small signal variable frequency sine wave
    • Need small signal triangle wave
    • Comparator produce pulses from comparison of sine and triangle wave
    • PWM would create the control signals for the IGBT bridge
research activities 2 of 2
Research Activities (2 of 2)
  • IGBT Bridge
    • Provides power separation between PWM circuits and power supply circuitry
    • Generates pulses
precision variable frequency drive
Precision Variable Frequency Drive
  • Ready to use design
  • Delivers precise frequency control for low power AC synchronous motors
  • Strobe light included to measure RPM of motor
  • Pulse Width Modulation Circuits
  • IGBT Bridge and Filter Circuits
  • Power Supply Circuits
power supply components
Power Supply Components
  • Astrodyne Power Supply (PT-45C)
    • Input: 120 VAC
    • Outputs: +/-15V, +5V
  • Filament Transformer
    • Primary Winding: 117V
    • Secondary Winding: 8V
filter input output waveforms
Filter Input/Output Waveforms

Input and Output Waveforms of the Low Pass Filter

implementation and testing
Implementation and Testing
  • Function generator chips
  • Amplifiers
  • Comparator and Inverter
  • IGBT’s
  • Filter
  • Strobe light system
sine triangle generator chips
Sine & Triangle Generator Chips
  • Built and tested on breadboard
amplifiers comparator and inverter circuits
Amplifiers, Comparator, and Inverter Circuits
  • Built and tested on breadboard
comparator testing
Comparator Testing

Comparator Chips

  • UA741 Op Amp
  • LM319N High Speed Comparator


  • Lab Function Generators
  • Function Generator Chips
igbt bridge
IGBT Bridge
  • build and test on breadboard
igbt bridge testing
IGBT Bridge Testing
  • Design overlooked need for delay circuitry
  • Tried multiple timing circuits
    • NE555 Timer Circuit
    • UA741 Op Amp Circuit
strobe light system
Strobe Light System

Strobe Light Schematic


Detailed Gantt Chart

deadline schedule
Deadline Schedule

Deadlines Schedule

  • Not produced for commercialization
  • Precision variable frequency drive could be implemented for much less than current market price (~$250)
additional work
Additional Work
  • Resolve comparator issues
  • Resolve IGBT issues
  • Combine Precision VFD and strobe light system into one product
  • Include feedback loop for total autonomy
lessons learned 1 of 2
Lessons Learned (1 of 2)
  • What went well
  • Design/Simulation of project
  • Testing
  • What did not go well
  • Problem definition and planning (needed a new plan when we started implementing)
  • Having everyone on the same page (team members, advisor, vendor)
lessons learned 2 of 2
Lessons Learned (2 of 2)
  • Technical
  • Implement and test one component at a time
  • Keep it simple
  • Comparator troubleshooting
  • IGBT implementation
  • Non-technical
  • Should have planned a lot more time for implementation
  • Everyone must be on the same page
  • Have a good plan to start
closing summary
Closing Summary
  • An incomplete prototype was produced due to difficulties with the comparator and the IGBT bridge.
  • Estimated final product could be commercialized and sold for $250.