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C hris, Shohei , Junichi, Risa , Yuuka. Thai history. Contents. Mon Malay Nan Chao ( Nan zheo ) Funan. Introduction . Thai culture was based on other counties such as India or China. There were many ethnic groups in Thailand. . Mon . The Mon are an ethnic group from Myanmar.

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Thai history

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C hris shohei junichi risa yuuka

Chris, Shohei, Junichi, Risa, Yuuka

Thai history



  • Mon

  • Malay

  • Nan Chao ( Nan zheo)

  • Funan



  • Thai culture was based on other counties such as India or China.

  • There were many ethnic groups in Thailand.

Thai history


  • The Monare an ethnic group from Myanmar.

  • They lived along the southern Thai-Myanmar border.

  • One of the Mon communities close to Bangkok is located on KoKret.

  • Mon controlled most of all Thai province.

Mon history

Mon History

  • The Mon are the earliest known inhabitants of lower Burma.

  • They founded an empire, and introduced both writing and Buddhism into Burma.

Art influence

Art influence

  • How did the Mon relate to Thai culture?

  • The Mon influenced Thai culture in architecture and religious paintings.

  • They are good at making potteries. And they influenced Thai in that field.

  • They irrigated to Thailand and they helped farming systems.

Art influence1

Art influence

Terracotta is a famous Mon aircraft.

Many of the inhabitants are of Mon origin, as is reflected in their architecture.

Agriculture influence

Agriculture influence

  • Today, we eat rice as main staple in Thailand.

  • Mon introduced rice growing to Thailand.

Language influence

Language influence

  • Mon brought writing system to Thai language.

  • The writing system is based on Sanskrit language.

  • Mon learned Sanskrit language.

Mon religion

Mon Religion

  • They introduced Theravada Buddhism to Thai and converted Thai people from Hinduism in 5th

  • Spirit houses, which locate in the corner of estate of Thai people, were introduced by Mons.

  • Spirit houses is a small shrine for respecting Deity.

Mon religion1

Mon Religion

  • Emperor Asoka

    He sent a mission of Buddhist monks to Suwarnabhumi and introduced Therevada Buddhism, which improved new civilization to the Mon.

    Mon told this belief for all south west people.



  • Mon kingdom was stable and expanded well diplomatic relationship with Indians for trading and commerce.

  • The Mon also accepted Indian culture and developed their civilization.

Who is malays

Who is Malays?

Who are the malays

Who are the Malays?

  • Malays are group which made of South east Asian people.



  • Malaysia12.3 million

  • Brunei0.25 million

  • Indonesia6.9 million

  • Thailand1.9 million

  • Singapore0.45 million

Origin of malay

Origin of Malay

  • Ancestors of Malay people traveled by sea from south China to Taiwan, and later from Taiwan to Borneo and the Philippines.

Influence to thailand in sport

Influence to Thailand in sport

  • Sepak takrow

Influence to thailand

Influence to Thailand

  • national emblem

Nan chao




Nan c hao culture

Nan Chao Culture

Nan c hao

Nan Chao

  • What happened in Nan Chao during 738?

    Nan-chao became a province.

Nan c hao1

Nan Chao

  • Did Nan Chao fight with other country?



  • The first century to seven century.

  • Lower part of Mekong river.

Funan s influence

Funan’s Influence

- Funan and all its principalities covered much of mainland Southeast Asia.

Thai history

  • In the 6th century, Mon people and Khmer people assert their independence.

In the 6 th century mon people and khmer people assert their independence

-In the 6th century, Mon people and Khmer people assert their independence.

Thai commercial ships developed from funan

-Thai commercial ships developed from Funan.



  • Thai culture was influenced by historical ethnic groups such as Mon, Malay, Nan-Chao and Funan. Each ethnic group had unique culture. Therefore, Thai culture became more unique by mixture.



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Thai history

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