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Vocabulary Unit 7

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Vocabulary Unit 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vocabulary Unit 7. 1. treasure A collection of very valuable objects made of gold, silver, etc. .. 2. binoculars An instrument with two lenses which you look through in order to make distant object seem nearer. 3. voyage Long journey by sea or space 4 . novelist

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  • A collection of very valuable objects made of gold, silver, etc. ..
  • 2.binoculars
  • An instrument with two lenses which you look through in order to make distant object seem nearer.

  • Longjourney by sea or space
  • 4. novelist
  • A person who writes novels


  • A very large block of ice that is floating in the sea.
  • 6. map
  • A drawing or plan of the surface of the earth that shows countries, rivers, roads, etc.


  • An instrument of finding directions that always points north.
  • 8. explorer
  • A person who travels round a place in order to find out about it.

9. journalist

  • A person who works in a newspaper, magazine
  • 10. historian
  • A person who studies history.
Choose the correct answer:

1. We use the [iceberg, binoculars, compass] to see things far away.2. Charles Dickens is a famous [journalist, explorer, novelist]. 3. The Titanic sank on its first [voyage, treasure, iceberg].4. I read a legend about the pirates who buried the [voyage, treasure, iceberg] in the island.

5. My uncle is a famous [map, compass, journalist]. He won an award for two of his articles in a famous magazine.


6. He always carries a [treasure, binoculars, compass] when he walks in the wood.7. I want a [novelist, map, compass] of the city.8. The [novelist, explorer, binoculars] went on an expedition to the rainforest. 9. Famous [journalist, historian, binoculars] wrote books about the second world war.

10. Did you bring a [map, treasure, binoculars]? Oh, well. It doesn\'t matter, I know the way.


Best wishes

Mr. Emad Gamil



  • Important sea that lies along the north of Africa
  • 2.generous
  • Ready to give money, help, kindness, etc.

3. enormous

  • Extremely large
  • 4. miserable
  • Very unhappy; very poor
  • 5.delighted
  • Feeling great satisfaction, enjoyment, joy

6. trick

  • Something done to deceive or make someone look stupid
  • 7.invent
  • To make up, think of, or produce for the first time.

8. craftsman

  • A highly skilled worker.
  • 9. Lead [n.]
  • A very heavy metal, with a dull, grey colour.

10. consequence

  • A result of something that has happened

Mediterranean – generous – enormous – miserable – delighted

1. They live in this ----------- house

2. I was ---------- to see my old friend.

3. The -------- is a large sea that is located between Europe and North Africa.

4. The school raised money through donation from ------- people.

5. He felt \'lonely and ----------- after his parents’ death.


Choose the correct answer

1. I need a soft [invented, lead, trick] pencil.

2. Skilled [trick, consequence, craftsmen] carved this enormous statue.

3. She [tricked, invented, lead] a clever excuse to go out with her friends.

4. For the last [lead, consequence, trick] the magician made the rabbit disappear.

5. The slightest error can have serious [lead, consequence, tricks].


Best wishes

  • Mr. Emad Gamil

1- sweet # sour

  • 2- fake # genuine

3- innocent # guilty

  • 4- temporary # permanent
  • 5- optional # obligatory

6- loose # tight

7- deep # shallow


8- boring # interesting

9- good # evil, wicked


Choose the correct answer

1- That orange is not sweet. It is [sweet, sour, salt]

2- This painting is [ genuine- fake ].I won’t buy it.

3- That prisoner isinnocent. He isn’t [guilty, innocent, pleasant].

4- The road is [temporary, permanent] closed. It will open soon.

5- The fifth question in the exam is [ optional-obligatory ], you have to answer it.

  • 6. Your shoe lace is [loose- tight].You won’t be able to run quickly.
  • 7. That swimming pool isn’t {shallow, deep}. It’s {shallow, deep} so the children can swim safely.

8. This book is {interesting, boring}. I need an {interesting, boring} One.

  • 9. That man is very {evil, good} and kind . He isn’t {evil, good}
  • 10. That film was [tragic- comic]. I couldn’t stop laughing
  • 11. I don\'t like {tragic, comic} movies. They are too sad.

Best wishes

  • Mr. Emad Gamil