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Homeroom. Take attendance Seating chart Progress Book Listen to announcements 8 th Grade TV Broadcast Check list for turn-ins. 2 nd / 3 rd and 4 th /5 th -7 th Period Math. Mr. Nightingale Room #24.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Take attendance
    • Seating chart
    • Progress Book
  • Listen to announcements

8th Grade TV Broadcast

  • Check list for turn-ins
problem solvers
A butcher at the local meat market is 35 years old, wears a size 9 shoe, a size 16 shirt, and is 5’9” tall. What does he weigh?

Three large adults were squeezed together under a children\'s sized umbrella while walking down a sidewalk in Seattle. How did they all stay dry?

Problem Solvers
my bio

I live in Aurora with my wife Jenna and son Louie


Wellsville High School

Kent State University

Undergraduate (1-8)

Ashland University

Graduate (C & I)

Teaching Experience

1 year at Maple Heights

12th year at West G


Coaching, Boating, Working Out, Golf, MMA, Steelers Fan

My Bio
classroom rules
The Three P’s




Organization is key!

Classroom Rules
classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations
  • 1. In your seat by the time the bell rings.
    • Pencils sharpened
    • Materials out
  • 2. Bring all materials to class everyday!
    • Materials list on the board.
  • 3. Do not miss instructional time.
expectations cont
Expectations cont…
  • Be Respectful
    • To your teachers
    • To your classmates
    • To the classroom / building (cleaning up, etc.)
  • Due the next day unless stated otherwise
  • Makeup work is responsibility of the student
  • 11/2 day per day absent to make up missing work
the planner
This is one of the most imperative pieces to your student’s success at the middle school

All assignments are copied from the board at the end of each class

I initial each student’s assignment book everyday

Assignments are posted on my teacher webpage

The Planner
progress book
Progress Book
  • I post grades with in 48

of collecting an


  • Students and parents

should check

weekly at minimum

prentice hall mathematics
Prentice Hall Mathematics
  • E-versions are accessible online.
  • Students have user names and passwords
  • Not recommended as a “go-to”
study island
Study Island
  • Weekly lessons
    • In school - online
    • At home - online
    • In class (on paper)
    • Due dates on webpage
math log
Math Log
  • The daily Math Log is used as bellwork and are kept in the spiral notebooks.
  • Students use a 5 step process to solve the problems:
    • Write down problem #
    • Copy problem
    • Solve problem
    • Circle answer
    • Explain problem solving rational
challenge problems
Challenge Problems
  • Sample Problem: using pennies, nickels, and dimes, how many ways can you make $.50?
  • Time 15mins.
  • Partner class
  • Strategy make a table
chart portion
Chart- portion…
  • Explanation: When I first read the problem I was confused. Then I realized I would need to keep an organized list so I didn’t repeat or miss any answers. I started with the most amount of dimes possible. Then I went down one dime and filled in all possible combinations of nickels and pennies. The I went down another and in all nickel and penny combinations. I continued until I had 0 dimes and all those combinations. This was a fun and challenging problem.
typical chapter progression
Typical Chapter Progression
  • Read new unit in the book
  • Give examples on the board with definitions and vocabulary (student notebook)
  • Practice questions
  • Give practice problems as an assignment (classwork/homework)
  • Assist students with questions during class time- finish for homework
typical chapter progression continued
Typical Chapter Progression Continued…
  • Differentiate instruction (completion/HW grade)
  • Repeat for new topics
  • Mix in other tools (ie. Buckle Down, Study Island, OAA Review…)
  • Test/Quiz
  • Test corrections- (extra-credit)
extra credit


Test correction form is located on my website.

Students can earn up to ¼ of the missing points from a test by doing test corrections.

reward store
Reward Store
  • At the end of each week the students who have made it to class on time with their materials and completed homework assignments will earn a STAR.
  • Stars are use to purchase goods from the Reward Store.
    • Extra-credit, new seat, dum dum, pencil, paper, etc…
extracurricular activities
Camp Fitch

Zoo / Fun N Stuff



Field day


School dances

Spelling Bee

Geography Bee

Team Nightmare

Extracurricular Activities
  • Geauga Learn Field Trip Thursday!
  • Turn in forms to HR
  • No School Friday / Monday
  • Magazine Sale
    • 9/9 Thru 9/24
  • Picture day Friday 9/6
  • Test Next Wednesday or Thursday
contact information
Contact Information
  • Voice mail
    • 1.440.729.5922
    • ext. 4424
  • Email
  • Teacher Website
    • On the district site
problem solvers answers
1. Meat- He is a Butcher!!!!

2. It was not raining!!!

Have a nice day.

Mr. Nightingale

Problem Solvers Answers
thank you
Thank You
  • Have A Great Day At School!