Industrialization and segregation
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Industrialization and Segregation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Industrialization and Segregation. For what did AF of L stand? American Federation of Labor. What are two advantages of a corporation? 1) Raise capital; 2) Limited Liability. For what type of business was J.P. Morgan known? Finance.

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Industrialization and Segregation

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Industrialization and Segregation

  • For what did AF of L stand?

  • American Federation of Labor

  • What are two advantages of a corporation?

  • 1) Raise capital; 2) Limited Liability

  • For what type of business was J.P. Morgan known?

  • Finance

  • In what major strike in the 1890s was the American Railway Union involved?

  • The Pullman Strike

  • What labor union was involved in the 1892 Homestead Steel Strike?

  • The AF of L (American Federation of Labor)

  • Who invented the electric light bulb?

  • Thomas Edison

  • With what industry was Andrew Carnegie associated?

  • Steel

  • Who was president of the American Railway Union at the time of the Pullman Strike?

  • Eugene V. Debs

  • With what industry was John D. Rockefeller associated?

  • Oil

  • What was another name for segregation laws?

  • Jim Crow Laws

  • With what industry was Cornelius Vanderbilt associated?

  • Railroads

  • Who invented the telephone?

  • Alexander Graham Bell

  • What 18th century Scottish philosopher developed the laissez faire economic theory?

  • Adam Smith

  • Who wrote Wealth of Nations?

  • Adam Smith

  • What type of education did Booker T. Washington advocate (call for/support) for African-Americans?

  • Vocational education

  • How did the Supreme Court rule in 1896 in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson?

  • Racial segregation was constitutional (legal).

  • What doctrine was established by the Supreme Court’s decision in Plessy v. Ferguson?

  • The “Separate But Equal” Doctrine

  • Who was the founder of the A F of L?

  • Samuel Gompers

  • What union was blamed for the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago?

  • The Knights of Labor

  • What does racial segregation mean?

  • Separation of the races

  • What industry was made more efficient by the development of the Bessemer process?

  • Steel

  • What is a labor union?

  • An organization of workers

  • What does laissez faire mean?

  • An economic philosophy that says government should leave business alone; let business do what it wants. Government should neither help nor hinder business.

  • With what invention were the Wright Brothers associated?

  • The airplane

  • For what does NAACP stand?

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

  • Who developed the conveyor belt assembly line for the manufacture of automobiles?

  • Henry Ford

  • What were three ideas in Booker T. Washington’s philosophy for the advancement of African-Americans?

  • 1) Vocational Education; 2) Self-Help; 3) Economic Success

  • What were W.E.B. DuBois’ ideas for the advancement of African-Americans?

  • Legal Rights and Political Equality for African-Americans NOW!

WhatAfrican-American woman led an anti-lynching crusade during the first part of the 20th century?

  • Ida B. Wells

  • Which side did government take in both the Haymarket Riot and the Pullman Strike? Big Business or Labor?

  • Big Business

  • Who won the Pullman Strike? The Pullman Company or the American Railway Union

  • the Pullman Company

  • Which 19th century American labor union has survived until the present day?

  • The A F of L. Today it is known as the AFL-CIO.

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