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Iroquois. Name.

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  • The name “Iroquois” is a name for a confederation of six different native American tribes, the Cayuga, Mohawk, Onadaga, Oneida, Seneca, and the Tuscarora. The Iroquois also called themselves the Haudenosaunee witch means people of the Longhouse.


  • Hunting (deer, black bear, passenger pigeon)

  • Fishing (yellow bass, walleye, shovelnose sturgeon, and brook trout)

  • corn, beans, and squash

  • Women responsible for gathering and preparing foods

  • Hill planting method

  • Interplanting (mixing plants)


  • The Iroquois were a tribe that existed between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic seaboard and south to the Carolinas.




  • Living shelters known as “Long Houses” were built out of timber.

  • These houses were a one story apartment house with many people sharing the warmth and space.

  • An average house would have three-four fire places.

  • The typical long house is estimated to be about 50 feet long.

    • However there were some built up to 200 feet long and 30 feet in height.


  • The Iroquois wore European clothing and adapted them to their own style with moccasins feathers and other traditional Iroquois clothing.


  • The Iroquois tribe is famously known for developing the game of lacrosse

  • The sport derived from a Haudenosaunee game call Oneida.

  • Lacrosse required a skill for catching, carrying and passing a ball using a basket like head of a stick

  • Quickness, stamina, and strength were equally important to play the game well

Women’s place

  • Women owned the houses, gathered wild foods, cooked, made baskets and clothing, and cared for the children.



  • The most common way of travel for the Iroquois was traveling by foot. In the spring and fall they wore moccasins to keep their feet warm, but in the summer they went barefoot. IN the winter they wore snowshoes.

  • They also used canoes for trading, fishing, hunting, and long distance traveling.

Spiritual Beliefs

  • The Iroquois really believed in “keeping the dead” alive. They believed that the dead never really left them, and that their spirits were with the tribe everyday. They would have a ceremony similar to funerals we have today for people who passed away.


  • The Iroquois were located upper-state New York. They lived in wooded areas so they could take the trees and make long houses. They also lived near the Great Lakes. This way they could use their canoes for all their needs.

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