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People vacation near…… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SMALL, YES, BUT MIGHTY: THE MOLECULE CALLED WATER Based on article of this title by: Angier, N., The New York Science Times, July 2007. People vacation near……. Fetuses gestate in…. % MASS OF WATER IN HUMANBODY WEIGHT averages. Without water, we will die of thirst in _______ days.

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People vacation near……

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SMALL, YES, BUT MIGHTY:THE MOLECULE CALLED WATERBased on article of this title by:Angier, N., The New York Science Times, July 2007

People vacation near……

Fetuses gestate in….


Without water, we will die of thirst in _______days

Life on earth arose in….

A large part of the search for extraterrestrial life is a search for…..

Many of water’s unique properties are a result of itsintermolecular bonding. The name of this bond is _________________ bonding.

The hydrogen bonds cause water molecules to become “_______________.” Why is this important in plants?

Water acts very differently from other _____________ molecules. It has surprisingly high boiling and melting points.

For example, water is a _____________at room temperature.H2S CO2 CH4 NH3 CO SO2These other small molecules are all____________________ at room temperature

Water has a huge range in temperatures in which it is a______________. Why does this matter?

This means that most of our world is_________________________

Earth’s oceans and lakes slowly soak up huge quantities of ________________ during the day and slowly release it at night. Why does this matter?

Think about deserts, where there is no water, even not much water vapor in the air. What are the days like? What are the nights like?

The oceans cover _______% of the earth’s surface. They keep the earth COOL WARMin summer,andCOOL WARMin winter.

Water is known as the ____________________ solvent. Is it really this? YES NOHowever,TRUE FALSE Water can dissolve more substances than any other compound.

Most substances get more dense when they freeze. Water gets ___________ dense!

This fact is essential for life as we know it. Why?

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